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04 1.6 Engine Cam Belt - torribaz
I am thinking of buying a Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 Life, 5 door on a 04A

This car has 48k on the clock, can anyone please tell me when the engine cam belt should be changed


Barry Lawson

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04 1.6 Engine Cam Belt - injection doc
Now, don't buy it without & makesure whoever does it uses a full cambelt kit & not just a belt
I Doc
04 1.6 Engine Cam Belt - sunbeamer
I believe 40k is now the recommended interval for these, and also agree with the above posting that the full kit is require to include all the pulleys. There are also 2 belt widths, it depends on age of car. It can be a good negotiating point if the service record does not show toothed belt change, might be worth £200 off the asking price.
04 1.6 Engine Cam Belt - torribaz
Many thanks for your prompt and informative replies DOC & SUNBEAMER. I will get the seller ( who is a car dealer ) to look at the service record to see if its been changed recently. If not I will get him to change the full kit. Better to be safe than sorry. I had a cam belt brake on a vectra two years ago, and it cost me over £500 to get the mess put right.
04 1.6 Engine Cam Belt - Dynamic Dave
The interval on the 16 valve engines (except the Z20LET engine) changed to 60,000 miles / 6 years from 2003

Full info below:-


04 1.6 Engine Cam Belt - nick
>>If not I will get him to change the full kit.

I'd rather get the car for less and have it changed by a mechanic I trust (unless you know the dealer well). Same with the 'free' service which will likely be just an oil and filter change with a cheap filter.
04 1.6 Engine Cam Belt - Victorbox
Agree with DD. My 2006 company Zafira 1.6 is due shortly at the 60,000 miles service. Vauxhall dealer can't do it before then because the leasing company won't pay for it early, although same garage recommends private customers to think about changing it at 40,000 miles and certainly after 4 years if they don't do the mileage.
04 1.6 Engine Cam Belt - DP
Based on previous experience with car dealers who have their own workshop facilities, I'd rather have the money off and get it done myself than trust them to do the job properly.

My Mondeo's cambelt was done by the selling dealer and was overtensioned, and running the original tensioner pulleys. Cowboys! If the water pump hadn't started groaning, I suspect I'd never have found out until it was too late.


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