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Tyre losing pressure - autobahn
One of my front tyres is losing around 5psi a week. But it doesn't ever go below 20psi. I can't spot anything obvious so i'd be interested in opinions as to what the cause could be. I've recently had the wheel refurbished as it had some scuffing on it.

One of my friends has suggested a possible valve leak.

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Tyre losing pressure - bathtub tom
Take it to a tyre place. They'll have a big enough tub of water.
Tyre losing pressure - L'escargot
Take it to a tyre place. They'll have a big enough tub of water.

Put the wheel vertically in your bath and gradually turn it around.
Tyre losing pressure - Alebear
My money would be on a valve leak too.
Very easy to diagnose at a tyre place - they may inflate it to a huge extent before putting it into the big tub - which I have always found rather exciting.
But then, I don't really get out much.
Tyre losing pressure - craig-pd130
You could check yourself: remove dust cap, get blob of spit on finger and wipe across the open end of the valve. If it blows a bubble at you, the valve core is loose.

You can get a tightening tool for a quid or two from motor factors.
Tyre losing pressure - SteVee
a leaking valve is the most likely.
We had an old Toyota that had porous alloy wheels - 3 of the wheels would lose pressure. I note you've just had the wheel refurbished, so maybe it just needs checking ?
Tyre losing pressure - grumpyscot
Our CRV used to lose pressure on one of the alloys - also about 5to 10psi every week. I inflated tyre up to 45PSI (without driving on it), leftit for an hour, then released the pressure back to normal. Problem sorted! Obviously the seal between the tyre & alloy. Been fine since (a year ago)

I assume the problem was pot-hole induced

Edited by grumpyscot on 22/07/2008 at 07:12

Tyre losing pressure - DougB
I had a similar problem. My alloy wheel was a bit scuffed and the tyre had not bonded properly. Took it to Kwikfit and they refitted the tyre FOC. (It was not one of theirs).

Regards, DougB.
Tyre losing pressure - autobahn
Well, I took my car to my local ATS tyre place and one of the technicians tightened the suspect valve which he suspected wasn't tightened properly. I'll check the pressure in a few days to see if that's fixed the problem.

By the way, ATS tightened all four valves free of charge so a big thumbs up to them! The technician even refused a fiver from me to buy a drink with as a show of my appreciation.
Tyre losing pressure - L'escargot
By the way ATS tightened all four valves free of charge so a big thumbs
up to them!

It depends largely on the individual fitter, rather than the company. I had a new tyre fitted at ATS. Firstly the fitter said he couldn't balance the wheel because it was buckled ~ a franchised Peugeot dealer subsequently proved this wasn't true. Secondly the fitter lost the wheel's centre trim disc, but denied it, and it cost me a tenner to buy a new one.

Edited by L'escargot on 29/07/2008 at 07:50

Tyre losing pressure - FotheringtonThomas
Leaky valve, check with spit as suggested.
Bit o' muck on the rim or the bead when tyre fitted.
Corrosion or flaky paint (on alloy wheels).

Sponge it over with hairy lipsquid and water, or stick it in the bath.
Tyre losing pressure - MGspannerman
I had a similar problem and for ages just pumped it up every week by the few psi needed. I arrived back after a flight late one cold, wet winter's evening to find the tyre well down. I thought "oh b.......r it" and got the can of tyre gloop I happened to have with me out of the boot, bunged it in and no further problem until I eventually sold the car. I suspect a porous rim as I did all the other things I could try to fix it, apart of course from going to a tyre shop and having it fixed. What, admit defeat?

Tyre losing pressure - *Gongfarmer*
I agree with the tyre foam suggestion, after a long battle of remounting and resealing the tyre and putting a new metal valve in it continued to leak. Half a can later - problem solved, concluded the alloys were porous (thic was on a five year old Ford). When I had a new tyre fitted the problem recurred until more goo was added.
Tyre losing pressure - The Purifier
I had this last year - turned out to be a buckled alloy and there was a big gap where the air was leaking out. Tried to get it repaired but was so badly out of shape had to get a new one. Hopefully you have better luck than that
Tyre losing pressure - Manatee
Swapped wheels round this weekend and then adjusted tyre pressures. When I removed the dust caps two of the valves leaked audibly - the dust caps had kept them inflated. Both were due to loose cores, now tightened up, leaks stopped. Worth a check if you haven't done so already.

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