96 1.5 Cannot engage first, second or reverse. - 96Paseo
I would be really grateful if someone could advise on what the likely problem is with my car, and also say how much I should expect to pay to get it fixed.

The gear change of my car has always been very good, until first and second gear suddenly became impossible to engage most of the time. Reverse has also disappeared.

When the gear change does work it seems quite normal, and when it doesn't it's like the gear was never there.

Any ideas?
96 1.5 Cannot engage first, second or reverse. - yokel38
The paseo is normally a very reliable little car, there were never any real issues with them.
The first thing to get checked out are the gear change cables, are they stretched? Failing that you'll be stripping down the box sadly, I suspect the synchro's and hubs may be worn.

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