Audi's Anti corrosion warranty - experience of? - bbroomlea{P}
Gave my A4 a good clean and wax yesterday as it hasnt been done for a while. I was a little concerned to find rust taking hold in the front wings. It is starting to corrode on the leading edge of the wheel arch infront of the wheel. It is like this on both sides.

At the moment it is only just starting to bubble and hasnt gone onto the side of the wing where you can see it but expect it wont take long.

The car is on a 52 plate and has never had any accident damage as its been in the family since new.

It has main dealer service history up to 100K miles and then had a service at 120Kish at a local independant VAG specialist. The !Service! indicator has just flashed up now at 143K.

Am I reasonable in expecting Audi to rectify this? I thought they were galvanised and didnt expect to be dealing with rust so soon.
Audi's Anti corrosion warranty - experience of? - bbroomlea{P}
Here are some pics if anyone is interested:

I have booked it in with the dealer tomorrow so hopefully they will honour the warranty - despite the mileage and none-dealer service history.
Audi's Anti corrosion warranty - experience of? - runboy
Have you still got the service book/gumph that came with the car as sometimes these will detail what the bodywork warranty is. My only concern is that the body warranty is conditional on an "inspection" come service time. Hopefully Audi won't use any servicing issues as an excuse not to honour the bodywork warranty.
Audi's Anti corrosion warranty - experience of? - mikeyb
Cant check my book for you as the misses has just gone out in it, but from memory corrosion is something like 12 years cover, but it is conditional on the car being inspected at set periods (might be every 2 years) Recall something about the inspection being free if done at the same time as the service, but otherwise may be chargeable. The other condition is that the rust started on the inside of the panel.
Audi's Anti corrosion warranty - experience of? - bbroomlea{P}
I have found my service book and it only mentions there are terms and conditions attached to the 12 year warranty and to consult the dealer. My handbook is in the loft somwhere though from moving house so expect more details will be in there!

Cannot understand why it would start rusting so soon though - its never had any accident repairs (well not to that area!) and I usually clean the car once a week in the winter as well.

Audi's Anti corrosion warranty - experience of? - qxman {p}
This is interesting because my ex-boss had corrosion in the same place on his A4. His car was a bit older and the rust was worse in that it had worked its way around the edge. He didn't get it done under warranty because he was told by the dealer that the wings had been resprayed and the warranty only covered non-repainted panels which rust through from the rear side (although he knew nothing about this and took their word for it). He also had constant problems with the airbag light coming on, a different issue of course.
I suspect that once the rust has started (probably as a result of stone chips through the galavanising) then it continues to rot like ordinary steel.
In the early 90's I had an Audi 80 which started rusting around one rear wheel arch. Never damaged it, probably just poor preparation at the factory because the rest of the car was perfect.
Audi's Anti corrosion warranty - experience of? - bbroomlea{P}
I hope they dont try pulling that one! Not sure how you can prove it hasnt had any bodywork done though but can guarantee it hasnt - maybe this is a weak area and a few more will start to show! It looks like the plastic wheel arch liner has rubbed on the edge of the wheel arch and chipped the paint off!

If they refuse to fix it then I will dose it in Kurst and Waxoyl as getting rid of it next year anyway. I dont want it coming over the edge as it will look untidy and devalue it!
Audi's Anti corrosion warranty - experience of? - qxman {p}
Apparently they have some kind of magnetic device which is held against the panel to give a paint thickness indication. If it is above a certain thickness then the panel is deemed to have been repainted and not eligible for warranty (unless they have it on their records that VAG dealer did the repair and its noted in the book).
Audi's Anti corrosion warranty - experience of? - bbroomlea{P}
Should be no problem there then at least! Sounds like something similar to what they used on my MG TF when I was disputing accident damage and rust! (you would think I lived on a salt plain). They used some kind of UV laser which proved I was right and the dealer was wrong!

Will give an update tomorrow when it has been assessed!!
Audi's Anti corrosion warranty - experience of? - Galad
My understanding is that the get-out clause in this case tends to be that the bodywork check is not deemed to have been carried out if the log book isn't stamped to verify it. That said, the terms and conditions of the guarantee usually state that it's the owner's responsibility to ensure the check takes place. Never in 30 years of (new) car ownership has a dealer asked me if I require the optional extra of a bodywork check. Strange, given that I assume they charge extra for it. Doesn't stop them filling the washer bottle with wash and billing £3.50 (incl labour)!!!
Audi's Anti corrosion warranty - experience of? - bbroomlea{P}
I have just got back from the dealer. They took some pictures and tested for paint thickness. One side is 194 and the other 197 - dont know what the numbers mean but the bloke said as long as its not above 200 then it is a good indication its original paint!

They are going to send a report to Audi UK and now await their phone call for next steps. He did say they will likely want to inspect it thoroughly before making a decision on authorising the repairs.

Interstingly I didnt even have to tell him where the rust was - I just said wheel arches and he went straight to the area - maybe this is becoming more common as the B6 gets a bit older.

He did say that service history shouldnt come into it and because its on longlife it is safe to assume the car would not see a dealer for an inspection for up to two years at a time anyway.
Audi's Anti corrosion warranty - experience of? - bbroomlea{P}
Just to update:

As expected, Audi say this isnt covered under the anti-corrosion warranty as its not perforation. No doubt if I leave it until I have a hole in my wing it wont be covered as I left it too long!

Obviously not happy so have escalated it and car will be inspected by an engineer next week.

I was a little sad whilst shopping at one of these large out of town retail places on Sunday and had a quick glance at every Audi A4 front wheel arch as we walked around. Dont think the other half was impressed that I was paying more attention to the car park than listening to her go on about what she wanted from Laura Ashley and M&S tho!!!
My scientific findings were out of 6 I looked at, two of them were going the same as mine. One was on a 51 plate and the other an 03.

Audi's Anti corrosion warranty - experience of? - adverse camber
Same on the B5.

I talked to a bloke who was involved in paints and had had some dealings with audi at a corporate level - he said it was a common issue and they knew about it. Possibly poor prep.
Audi's Anti corrosion warranty - experience of? - nick
I think most long-term bodywork warranties only cover perforation from behind. What you have sounds like a paintwork problem. Time to get the book out and read the small print.
Audi's Anti corrosion warranty - experience of? - runboy
If it's any consolation I had (still have) a paintwork defect on my year old Skoda Octavia - I noticed the defect only a couple of months into ownership but Skoda UK washed their hands of it (blamed bubling paint on the roof on a stone chip). Maybe it runs in the (VAG) family.
Audi's Anti corrosion warranty - experience of? - gordonbennet
This is a surprising read for me, i was under the impression that VAG cars were very good rust wise.

I sort of thought they were still painted like the mk1 and 2 golfs, and plastered in thick gooey underseal all around the extremeties and exposed bits underneath.

Hope they didn't take a leaf out of the MB book of economies in production for year 96 onwards.

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