1998 2.0 Non interference engine? - legacylad
My Dec 98 626SE 2.0 petrol is now approaching 99k miles and according to my 'Lloyds TSB autolease vehicle history printout' which I was given upon purchase last October, last had a belt change at 54k miles in Sept 2002. I only cover 5k miles pa so was going to wait until this December and have the belt changed then, along with its annual MOT, fluid changes etc. at my local independent.
IF the belt snaps before then, would it ruin the engine?If so, would anyone recommend a precautionary early belt change. The car is in lovely condition and I cannot envisage buying anything similar for what I paid...£995. I plan to keep the car for a further 3 or 4 years (unless I get lucky with my Premium Bonds!)
1998 2.0 Non interference engine? - *Gongfarmer*
According to this American site you have an interefernce engine, so £150 or so spread over the next 4 years or a new car if you don't ?

1998 2.0 Non interference engine? - Hamsafar
Yes, it is interference (I used to have one) but the 2.5 V6 is unusually not.

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1998 2.0 Non interference engine? - legacylad
Thank you for confirming that it is an 'interference' engine. I will therefore get the belt changed early...as it is almost 6 years since the previous change it can do no harm, especially as I plan to keep the car for the medium term.
At the same time as the belt, is a 'pre tensioner' (whatever that is/does) change recommended, together with the water pump?
Thanks for any advice.
1998 2.0 Non interference engine? - oldnotbold
The tensioner does need to be changed. Some models have a history of tensioner failure, even though the belt is/was fine. Just as catastrophic in most cases. Changing the water pump is not critical, but makes sense when you've got that far.
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The non interferenceengines - Mazda Xedos 2 / 2.5 & MX6 2.5

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