1979 3.0 SE6A electric windows - peugeotman0
Does anybody out there remember the location of the fuse or fuses for the electric windows of my 1979 Scimitar SE6A ?? They worked off and on when I bought the car for restoration, but have now packed in. The official wiring diagram shows that an inline fuse covers them, but not where it is located. HELP please!
1979 3.0 SE6A electric windows - 1paul1
I cant help you with your windows unfortunately, but are you interested in buying mine. Its a 1976 P reg SE6A. Ive spent nearly £1900 on it. The windows worked last time I started it. The car has been sat in my garage for 3 years. Its black and silver. Needs some TLC. You can have it for £300 but will need to trailer it.
1979 3.0 SE6A electric windows - nippy7
Have you asked this question on the Yahoo Reliant group. You will almost certainly get an answer or the answer may be in the files on specific items. From memory I think the motor also has a built in fuseable link. The inline fuse is quite likely to be either behind the dasboard above the steering column or behind the glovebox or may be behind the trim near the switches. ReliantScimitar@yahoogroups.com is the group site.

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