Real world consumption - MartinJB1
I am looking to buy an IS200 or Sportcross auto. Can anyone give me an idea of their realworld fuel consumption - ie lots of driving around in London with occasional dual carriageway/m'way use?
Real world consumption - El Hacko
in 2 years, got 21mpg average from auto IS200 - never better than 23; well built, faultless, heavy car, but so boring (characterless) and (certainly in auto) disappointing performance .. much happier with an Audi A3 diesel nowadays
Real world consumption - Falkirk Bairn
Manual IS 200

My son gets 30mpg overall - not much town work - mostly motorway commute
Real world consumption - GenevaJohn
Official figures for the auto are nearly the same as for the manual. Does anyone else have data that bad for an auto (ie is this the norm ?)

El Hacko, was this town centre driving ??

Thanks (I'm interested as you can pick these up for 7,000 Euros in France....what with petrol prices and all that...)
Real world consumption - legacylad
my ex has owned a 2.0litre SportCross manual, 03 plate, for almost 4 years. She averages 24mpg , but mainly short commutes to/from work, and it is used as a van with rear seats permanently down to carry her retail stock!! I drive it occassionally...fabulous build quality, lovely precision gear change, smooth engine. Performance is poor. Hope this helps.
Real world consumption - El Hacko
sorry for delay GJ(been away) - my driving was roughly 70% short journeys. I'm told the manual IS is much more responsive and, of course better on consumption than an old style auto box. Loved the car but performance was so dull (my own fault for not taking longer test!).
Real world consumption - Lud
There seems to be a new V8 snorting monster model that drinks like a fish. But at least you get something for it while your licence lasts.

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Real world consumption - DP
My recollection of this car from an admittedly brief drive was how much I had to thrash it to make it go. Very torque deficient.

Lovely looking car though, and beautifully built.

Real world consumption - ryder
Used to own an IS200 Manual. Got around 24-26 mpg in London and 28-30 on motorways. Its a well made car and has a lovely engine that needs to be revved to get performance which badly hits economy.

Would I recommend it? NO. Got a 318i for my wife now which I drive extensively. Get 36-38 mpg on the motoways and 34 mpg in town. Apart from the BMW image, its a much better car overall.
Real world consumption - Roly93
I had an IS200 with the 6 speed manual, they are rubbish !
Very slow unless thrashed, and struggle to get 30 mpg on a motorway cruise.
The gearbox is one of the worst I've ever seen, personally I wouldn't go there.
Real world consumption - Cheeky
I agree with all of the above. I too owned one, build quality and reliability first class. Fuel consumtion was poor and it did need seven bells of you know thrashing out of it before it moved. 6th gear stupidly low. Revved at something like 3500RPM at 70 which wouldn't have helped.
I drop an auto version as a loan car and found it much better - odd considering it was only a 4 speed.


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