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Citroen ZX electrics - Paul L
new to forum - hello to all

I've just bought a 93K ZX Volcane after putting 150,000 miles on an Avantage (before an untimely write-off). Volcane has 47000 miles and FSH from a dealer I trust. I've discovered a problem with Volcane that is apparently similar to one with the Avantage - some intermittent electrical failure.

my wife lost electric windows and indicators (didnt notice if anything else stopped working) but they came back online after switching off and on again. The Avantage sporadically lost all electrics - a problem I never fixed but suspected it was a loose/damaged cable in main ignition harness caused by adjusting steering wheel height.

The electric windows and indicators come of same fuse which is sound and "wiggle" tests behind fusebox/relay mounting didn't show any problem.

Two main questions:
1 - does anyone know of this as a common fault and how to fix it?
2 - there should be an electric window re-energiser relay that allows the windows/sunroof to be operated with ignition off and a door open (worked on avantage, not working on volcane) - I'm blowed if I can find the relay. I've identified all the relays/beeper/flasher unit that I can see behind facia.

many thanks
Citroen ZX electrics - BrianW
The intermittent fault on adjusting the steering column on my car was a multi-connector behind the column which was not snapped home tight.

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