1998 1.4 noisy engine - Kall
Hi, i own a 1998 Rover 200, before i got it my sister had it and she was driving one day when the water pump went she didnt relise it went until smoke poured out of the engine which snapped the cambelt iswell. i recently changed the cambelt and waterpump but it still sounds like a tractor, do you reakon it is cooked? and i had a quote from a mechanic that it could be making the noise because the timing is out.

1998 1.4 noisy engine - Screwloose

If a K-Series overheats and snaps the cambelt; then just fit another engine - this one will be an on-going money pit.

The valves will almost certainly be bent; the head gasket will be gone and the head warped or cracked. The cam-belt may have snapped because a cam seized in the head - let alone any piston/liner damage.

As cheap re-cons for these are usually rubbish; you'll have to consider the economics of the whole job. A clutch and new radiator are going to be needed too.

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