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01 1.8 handbrake adjustment - stephentanks1
Can anyone advise me how to adjust the handbrake on my 01 1800 Mondeo.It looks like there is some sort automatic mechanism on the handbrake lever,but how does this work? I have replaced the rear pads and discs and the h/brake works ok but the lever still comes up a bit too far,in my opinion.Can someone help please.

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 28/04/2008 at 20:41

01 1.8 handbrake adjustment - topbloke
that is an auto adjuster on the handbrake, there was a recall/fix for the handbrake on these as the auto adjuster is crap (changed a few) may be worth a chat with your friendly parts man to see if its still available, the hand brake may get better when the pads have bedded in, the pads are soft when new and have to wear to the shape of the disc and dont fully contact the disc untill they have bedded in
01 1.8 handbrake adjustment - kithmo
The early Mk3s didn't have any manual adjustment. The way to adjust the auto adjustment is to press the brake pedal hard down before applying the hand brake and don't press the handbrake lever button in when applying. Do that a couple of times and the lever should settle down. If that doesn't work then check if you've had the recall fix done, it involves adding two little blocks of metal to the ends of the cable to effectively shorten the cables. If you already have had the fix done then the cables may have stretched and need renewing. Alternatively you could put a later handbrake lever on which has an adjuster on the short attached cable.

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