02 2.0 FAP Regen Electrical Issues - swebb99_uk

I posted another thread about problems with lights flickering on the car which turned out to occur when the regen started on the FAP every 400 miles or so. So I thought I should start another thread which would highlight the problem better and someone with experience of the regen process might spot. So sorry for some repeating of info.

Basically it seems that every 400 miles or so my car goes into its FAP regen cycle but when it does there is a relay that randomly clicks in the glovebox (probably in the BSI unit). This appears to happen due to the computer systems trying to load the engine by turning the heated screen and other such items on. However when the relay clicks the head lights flicker briefly :(

If I'm on the motorway the relay clicks and the lights flicker, this wouldn't be a problem if this just happened at the start of the regen process but the clicking continues many times whilst the regen is being carried out (probably for 12-30 miles).

People have mentioned this maybe a battery issue which it maybe but before buying a new battery I'd like to get my mind clear why the relay would be clicking on and off a fair bit durring the regen and why in the past I never noticed it doing this.

Any thoughts ????

Thanks for the advice


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