'00 1.8 - Rear door central locking - Andrew M
A friend's focus has intermittently not locked/unlocked the offside rear passenger door. As of this morning it won't lock at all now, and apparently she can't lock it from the inside either so the door is permantly unlocked.

I was going to have a quick look this evening for her and give it some WD40 in the lock mechanism and any electrical contacts.

Is this a common problem? Is it likely to be the lock motor dying/dead? How much are replacements?

'00 1.8 - Rear door central locking - mikej
It does sound like a dodgy rear door motor, although I'm surprised it can't be locked manually from the inside.

My driver's door motor has been playing up for years, but this just means that the remote doesn't work properly and you can't lock the whole car from the passenger side - anything you do manually with the key in the driver's door makes the central locking behave as normal, so it must be the solenoid that's gone.

Now you obviously can't use a key in a rear door, but I'm surprised that you can't push the lock closed from the inside ? That implies that something has jammed.

I used WD40 in an attempt to lubricate my dodgy door motor but later found out that wasn't a good idea - use something like Servisol switch cleaning lubricant instead.
'00 1.8 - Rear door central locking - Andrew M
Thanks for the reply. I'll have a look this weekend probably. I'll have to try and find some switch cleaner somewhere!
'00 1.8 - Rear door central locking - SteAppo
Hi this is my first post on this site.

I have a similar problem with my ford focus 54 reg 3 door. the passenger side door is locked shut and i can not open this.

Having searched the net this seems to be a common problem. It appears that in alot of cases it seems to be the central locking machanism and often a blown fuse. This is fuse 63 which is actually located on the back of the fuse box and requires you to remove the fuse box (two screws) and spin it round to get it it - bit of a nighmare but do-able, beyond me why ford done this!!!

Anyway, i done the above, swapped batteries in the key fob and re-programmed (to do this put key in ignition and turn four times until dash bleeps then press the lock then unlock button on your key fob).

None of the above has worked for me, my passenger side door is still locked and i am unable to open it. as you suggest this to me would now suggest that the mechanism is stuck shut as i can not even open with the key or from inside the car.... nightmare!!

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'00 1.8 - Rear door central locking - Out of Focus
I have exactly the same problem as SteAppo on my '00 1.8 diesel estate - Passenger door jammed shut - It seems that nothing can be done unless you can open the door to fix it ! I have consulted several garages and they don't have the answer. I have been to a professional locksmith, also without success. What is the answer to this potentially dangerous situation e.g. serious crash, fire or flood ?
'00 1.8 - Rear door central locking - CP

I'd be interested to find out what the solution was to your problem. I have a 1.8 Focus, 2001 reg. In the 4 years I've had it, I've had numerous problems with the central locking, including two locks being replaced.

The problem has now come back and I've been told by the dealer that all 4 door locks need to be replaced as well as the central locking module. This is going to work out at around a grand, I think, for a 7 year old car!

I'm not sure if I'm being ripped off or if there's really no alternative.

Be interested to hear of anyone with smilar experiences and their solutions.


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