Most frustrating driver traits - Pendlebury
HJ is posting some interesting research confirming what I think we have all talked about for a while now in terms of what frustrates other drivers the most.
I have to say that the point about using mobile phones is the one that really annoys me now when I see people doing it.
I refuse to have a hands free cos I want some me time in the car and as it's now illegal to use it I turn it off completely when driving - but when I see others using them it makes my blood boil - I know it should not bother me but I already put it up there with drink driving. Funny that because before it was illegal I used to do it.
Nothing so queer as folk - hey ?
Most frustrating driver traits - Pugugly
Mimsers and Carphounds (doffing my cap at Lud of course)
Most frustrating driver traits - alfalfa
Drivers who signal for a right turn AFTER the traffic light has turned green.

Most frustrating driver traits - Pugugly
IAM used to say that you shouldn't indicate until you're ready to move off from lihjts (well they said that when I briefly flirted with them in the 80s)
Most frustrating driver traits - Lud
Ultra-late signallers aren't just annoying, they're dangerous. Of course one has to bear in mind that some carphounds don't signal at all. Was behind a couple of them tonight.

Wife: I wish you wouldn't do that. (She meant screaming obscenities at these and other tiresome folk).

Me: Sorry darling, can't help it, look at that (expletive deleted), didn't you see what he did?

Wife: Yes, but I can hear you and he can't.

Me: Urrh...
Most frustrating driver traits - Pugugly
Lud you have a way of articulating life's little automotive vignettes.
Most frustrating driver traits - Ben 10
Overtaking lorries in lane 2, causing tailbacks and forcing everyone else into lane 3. And when you do let a lorry out, the ones that fail to indicate thanks. Especially foreign truckers.
Most frustrating driver traits - Markoose
Just had a look on at the list.

>4. Slow drivers

I'd be interested to know what this means i.e. whether it is drivers who are going an inappropriate 40 in a 60 or drivers who are sticking to the speed limit when those behind want to speed. My rule of thumb is to never get a cob on with someone who doesn't want to break the law even if it's a frustratingly low and inappropriate speed limit. Also quite often the car that does 40 in a 60 with a chav 5ft from its bumper will do 50-55 when said chav has turned off and I leave a big enough gap to make sure they don't feel under pressure. After all the reason they're going slow is very probably because they're nervous.

>7. Getting cut up by other drivers

Except only half of the time they've been cut up, the other half they've sped up because they didn't like being overtaken and created the incident themselves.

>8. Motorists driving over the speed limit

Surprised at this, I actually think that 100% drivers who have passed their test will have broken a speed limit. And 99.99% will break at least one every single journey. I drive for about 550miles a week and have never come across a robot who nails each limit. Witness the driver who absolutely will not break 40mph and 50mph limits for miles and miles (fair enough) but who sails straight through a little village replete with pedestrian crossings, school etc. without slowing (why?!).

Most frustrating driver traits - muki_munky
Mine has to be over & under indicators. People who indicate right on a roundabout then go straight over & the ones who dont bother while you are waiting ages to pull out!
Mothers who drive whilst keep turning to look at the brat in the back seat
Males who shave while driving/people on mobiles/women putting make up on/unrestrained dogs in cars that could cause major damage if they were involved in an accident.
Most frustrating driver traits - merlin
Frustrating and annoying are people who tailgate. I cannot understand what benefit they think they are going to gain by doing it. Many of them are women who I suspect don't know they are doing anything wrong. Then you get the white van male variant who just want to bully their way along.

I'm sure that if they were walking behind me down the street they wouldn't be so close that they could touch my bum - so why do they do it when they get behind the wheel of a car?

A few years ago I had a bad accident when I came round a corner to find the road blocked by someone trying to overtake a HGV in a minibus, on a blind bend, up a steep hill and in the rain! He had ignored the double white lines in the process. Luckily no one was tailgating me on that day. Had someone been close behind me then I don't think I would be here now.

I now have often have my one year old baby in my car. Having someone so precious to me in my care makes me even more annoyed and frustrated by tailgaters. I know I should pull over and let them get on with it but it doesn't seem right to give in to the bullies on our roads particularly when their driving makes the roads more dangerous for all of us.
Most frustrating driver traits - Kiwi Gary
I agree with Merlin, but I find it even more infuriating when, having completed my overtaking manoeuvre, I move over to let the tailgater go, and they have a sudden attack of agorophobia when confronted with a clear stretch of road. { With sincere apologies to genuine agorophobics.} When I come to make my next overtaking manoeuvre, they happily sit on my quarter and adjust speed to stop me moving out. Signals that I wish to move out a lane are, of course, ignored.
Most frustrating driver traits - DP
Tailgating. No other habit annoys me as much, and fills me with such instant hatred and contempt for the perpetrator.

Most frustrating driver traits - P.Mason {P}
People who slow down during overtaking. I drive quite a lot on the A34, and every time, I see cars and vans start to overtake with a speed differential of maybe 10-15 MPH, only to slow down so that the manoeuvre takes 30 secs.even in heavy spray, when they're virtually blinded during the overtake.
Most frustrating driver traits - runboy
People approaching traffic lights - two lanes going straight on and nothing in the right lane which they take - and when the lights change they tootle off at 10 mph whilst 25 cars in the left lane have now gone off leaving you and the 10 mph guy. WHY? Why don't they just pull up behind the car in the left lane in the first place? It is a free country, but I would to know how their thought process works to drive them (no pun intended) to do what they do.

People who block the entrance onto a roundabout becuase their exit is blocked. WHY? Do they feel so much better for causing others to be delayed?

I could go on but I might choke on my jaffa cake.
Most frustrating driver traits - grumpyscot
People who block the entrance onto a roundabout becuase their exit is blocked. WHY? Do
they feel so much better for causing others to be delayed?

Surely staying where you ar if your exit is blocked is the right thing to do. That's why we have yellow boxed junctions and signs on roundabouts saying "keep clear".

If people simply carrried on, discovered their exit was blocked, and then bunged up the roundabout, no one would get anywhere.

So I say - "only proceed if your exit is clear, and if it delays others, it'll be for much less a time than if you proceed."
Most frustrating driver traits - GJD
>> People who block the entrance onto a roundabout becuase their exit is blocked. WHY?
>> they feel so much better for causing others to be delayed?
Surely staying where you ar if your exit is blocked is the right thing to
do. That's why we have yellow boxed junctions and signs on roundabouts saying "keep clear".
If people simply carrried on discovered their exit was blocked and then bunged up the
roundabout no one would get anywhere.

The way I read it you both agree. When I read the first post I assumed "block the entrance" meant, for example, proceeding onto the roundabout intending to go straight ahead, but stopping in a queue on the roundabout in such a position that you block vehicles trying to enter from your left - so not blocking your own entrance, but blocking a different entrance.
So I say - "only proceed if your exit is clear and if it delays
others it'll be for much less a time than if you proceed."

I wouldn't go that far. Even if your exit isn't clear, if you can get on and part-way round the roundabout, stopping somewhere that doesn't block anyone else's entrance, I would be somewhat frustrated, and justifiably so I think, if I was behind you and you stayed where you were, waiting until you could get all the way on, across and off the roundabout in one go.

Same goes for pulling out of a side road to turn right in busy traffic. If there's no immediate sign of a gap coming in both directions at once on the main road, then as soon as there's a decent gap in the first lane (the traffic coming from your right, whose lane you need to cross) then please, please, PLEASE consider pulling out across that first lane and waiting for a gap in the traffic you want to join. More often than not, it won't be long at all before someone lets you in, and even if they don't, you will probably still end up getting out of the side road quicker. People who wait for perfection before pulling out when a being a bit more positive could be so much quicker don't just spend their own time, which is up to them, they waste the time of everyone behind them in the queue waiting to get out, which is extremely thoughtless.
Most frustrating driver traits - ceg999
I haven't seen this survey, but the ones I have seen usually have two distinct sets of responses. Those that hate tailgating and 'undertaking' and the rest who hate drivers who drive in the middle (ie the overtaking) lane when they are not overtaking. It seems clear to me that if people drove in the inside lane (as the law requires) then most tailgating would disappear and 'undertaking' wouldn't even be possible.
So when Merlin says "I know I should pull over..." he should be comforted to know that its not about giving in to bullying It's about doing what he should be doing
Most frustrating driver traits - Markoose
>It seems clear to me that if people drove in the inside lane (as the law requires) then most tailgating would disappear and 'undertaking' wouldn't even be possible.

I would wager you're a tailgater and undertaker but have a huge list of mitigating reasons why it's justified. That said I do partially agree. Undertaking some dawdler who's doing 55 in the middle lane of a motorway when the inside is clear but the outside is full of people doing 70-90mph is something I see regularly and that would not be necessary if they kept over.

However, what about when there is a 300 yard gap between two lorries in the inside lane and a line of traffic overtaking them on the outside? If you pull into the 300 yard gap the space you left will immediately close up and then you'll want to pull out again in 10 seconds but won't be able to until either everyone in the outside lane gets past the next lorry or hell freezes over. However, the guy tailgating you swerves into the inside lane, accelerates past and then swerves in front of you, halving your braking distance or worse. I've seen that loads.

I agree to a certain extent that tailgating would disappear if people drove in the inside lane; I think that is true for free flowing traffic on multi-laners, but not in any kind of queue or heavy traffic. It's not that uncommon that I'll pull out to overtake - maybe doing more than the legal limit - into a big gap to overtake a lorry that I've come up behind and see the small car in my rear view grow rapidly because it's doing 90-100mph and then sit 15 foot from my bumper or not even brake but expect me to swerve out of its way as soon as my rear has cleared the front of the lorry. I always try to avoid causing a car to have to slow, but it's sometimes difficult to judge when a car is caning it along. On the flip side, if someone pulls out in front of me at 60 and I have to take off 20 from my speed I'll do so and keep a proper gap, too many people think they'll "teach them a lesson" by not slowing and then making out like they had to take evasive action.

Similarly I learnt yesterday that apparently 65mph isn't fast enough on some single carriageway a-roads for some drivers, particularly for one who tailgated me horrendously and then unsuccesfully tried to overtake me. He had to pull back in after 5 seconds or so because his wheezy little heap couldn't make it. I had cruise on so didn't speed up or slow but was about to "help him out" by carefully braking, good job I didn't as he pulled back in 5feet behind me just before a van took him to the next life. I just think, go past me if you want or get lost but don't drive right up behind me when I'm trying to concentrate and doing a totally reasonable speed.
Most frustrating driver traits - GJD
SNIPQUOTE (using big pair of scissors as there was so much of it)
In reply to Markoose

It's not me you're replying to above, but I have a thought in this area.

Personally I undertake but I don't tailgate. I have a simple criterion when deciding to undetake, which is to consider the mirror image of what I'm about to do (i.e. same situation, same traffic pattern around me, but in the mirror image world I am passing on the correct side). If the mirror image overtaking manoeuvre wouldn't be safe, I won't undertake either.

In mirror image world, your first situation - dawdler in the middle lane - would pass my safety test. Your second situation (which I see quite regularly too), involving darting between lanes and lots of accelerating through the traffic wouldn't be any safer if it involved overtaking rather than undertaking. The fundamental problem is increased risk fuelled, presumably, by impatience. Undertaking is just one symptom. Most people who do that seem just as willing to change lanes to the right when that helps their progress, it's just that lane 1 tends to have more gaps they can use than lane 3 does.

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Most frustrating driver traits - ceg999
Markoose you lose...I'm a dawdler too. I Trundle along in the inside lane at 60/65 being overtaking by everything and 'monstered' by coaches, But I invariably find I catch up with people doing 60 in the middle lane and, unless all the lanes are full, have to go around them, probably to the frustration of others because then the motorway is 'blocked' . I take your point about the 300 yard gap but we don't have to be precious about this...If you are overtaking a row of traffic then stay in the middle lane until you've passed it. If however you can see you are not going to be overtaking anyone in the next two miles... then pull back in.
There is a big difference I think between drivers who are bad because they are reckless or useless, like the guy in your last paragraph and drivers who, like midde lane drivers, don't seem to have a clue about how to do things properly.
Most frustrating driver traits - GJD
The signalling right in the outside lane of a roundabout just because you're not going left yet that's already been mentioned is always a bemusing one, but I've not encountered it for a while so it's dropped down the list at the moment. More common right now are:

People driving below the speed limit when there's no good reason to. You don't own the road, so you've no right to restrict it for other people. At least help me to overtake.

People in front of me on an on-slip road who don't put their foot down and match the motorway traffic speed early. As well as increasing the risk that I'll have to dodge the accident you're about to have, I have to slow down to increase the gap from me to you, and so I then have less slip road left in which to do my own accelerating and judging and timing joining the motorway. Just makes it that little bit more hasty, stressful and risky than it needs to be.

People who can't zip-merge.

But most perennially annying of all: people who spend time and effort worrying about the standards and behaviour of other drivers when that time and effort would be better spent on improving their own standards and behaviour. I think that one applies in varying degrees to just about every driver on the road. I'm sure it applies to me, but if anyone has worked out how to switch off the anger and frustration nerve, i'd love to know the secret.
Most frustrating driver traits - zookeeper
people who use the hazzard lights so it makes it ok to park on one of the most busy roads leading in to town (this is one road i wouldnt mind having cameras on)
Most frustrating driver traits - normd2
one of my pet hates is people who drive up to an empty roundabout and stop, then they look see there's nothing there and set off again - whatever happened to planning ahead? a little timely observation wouldn't go amiss occasionally.
Most frustrating driver traits - madf
I like tailgaters in built up areas where there is no chance of passing. I suddenly slow down and observe the speed limit -2mph. It frustrates them terribly. When they pull back I speed up.

I would imagine they find me most frustrating:-)
Most frustrating driver traits - Boggy
Laziness! We have a traffic "calming" island in the middle of our road involving a slight left hand kink on the left side but on the other side it is straight - countless drivers race through on the wrong side of the road to avoid moving the steering wheel a little which is bad enough but when crossing we always assume cars drive on the left and consequently me and my nine year old daughter recently almost got creamed by a bus! Lost count of the amount of plastic coated Saxos and Corsas with dustbins for exhausts that whizz through the wrong side in excess of 60 mph. Makes me swear out loud - surprised there isn't a camera next to it.........
Most frustrating driver traits - Cliff Pope
People who tailgate when they can't overtake, but then drop back as soon as an overtaking opportunity arrives, only to close the gap again at the next bend.

People who have to be reminded how to dip their headlights everytime they meet an oncoming car.
Most frustrating driver traits - Lud
People who out-accelerate your humble jalopy away from the traffic lights and then settle into a pathetic mimse ten miles an hour below the limit.

Makes you dream about a twin .50 calibre operated by a murderous passenger standing on his seat looking out of the sunroof.
Most frustrating driver traits - GJD
People who tailgate when they can't overtake but then drop back as soon as an
overtaking opportunity arrives only to close the gap again at the next bend.

And then there's the opposite one to that: people who have no intention of overtaking the vehicle ahead but don't leave enough gap between themselves and it, so I can only overtake if there's room to pass both vehicles at once.
People who have to be reminded how to dip their headlights everytime they meet an
oncoming car.

There's a complementary one for this too: people who don't put their main beam on when there is no oncoming traffic. Double whammy - they drive slower because they can't see so far ahead (perhaps they never look further ahead than where their dipped beam stops anyway?) and I can't overtake because I don't have their main beam showing me enough of the road ahead to judge when it's safe to overtake.
Most frustrating driver traits - Alby Back
I try not to let anything much annoy or frustrate me these days. Much easier to just sail along in the sure and certain knowledge of one's own perfection and look kindly upon lesser mortals. Some of them simply can't be helped.

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