03 1.9DCi Service Light & 'Check Injection' Fault - founds77
The yellow service warning light accompanied by the fault code "check injection" comes up on my 53 plate Renault Megane II 1.9DCi. It usually goes off after 5 minutes of driving, What is the most likely fault - any previous experiences with this?

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03 1.9DCi Service Light & 'Check Injection' Fault - Screwloose

Possibly a failed glow-plug if it goes off after 3 minutes. Getting the fault-codes read by your local garage is the best way to know.
03 1.9DCi Service Light & 'Check Injection' Fault - DP
I had something similar on my Scenic 1.9dCi although the message didn't disappear until you switched the engine off.

If it's the same as mine:

Start the engine from cold.
Message appears.
Drive for a mile or so until the engine starts to warm up.
Pull over in a safe place and switch off
Switch on again
Message gone and does not reappear until the next cold start.

No3 glowplug was dead. Popped in a replacement (£8 from a local supplier) and - touching wood - it hasn't happened since. That was well over a month ago!

These are the easiest glowplugs I've ever changed. Full marks to Renault for a) making them accessible, and b) not using those fiddly 6mm nuts on the terminals that I always end up dropping and having to fish out from some nook or cranny with a telescopic magnet.

The terminal attaches with a push connector, and they even provide a handy plastic "handle" to help you pull the connector off the end of the plug.

03 1.9DCi Service Light & 'Check Injection' Fault - founds77
Sounds very similar, except, wouldn't the car feel down on power if this was the case - mine seems to be running fine. Is there a way of determining which glow plug is down if any.
03 1.9DCi Service Light & 'Check Injection' Fault - DP
Ours ran fine, even with the warning on.

The easiest and safest way is to pop each glow plug out in turn and connect it to the battery and see if it glows. You only need to replace the one (or ones) that's gone

You can measure the resistance of the plugs in-situ (infinite resistance = dead plug), or connect a test lamp between the connector cable and the plug end terminal and switch on, but but with the multitude of ECUs and other delicate componentry on these cars, it seemed far safer to just remove and test. Not to mention foolproof - you can see what the plug is doing for yourself.

This is a really common fault on the dCi engine.

03 1.9DCi Service Light & 'Check Injection' Fault - Armitage Shanks {p}
SFAIK the car would not be down on power if a glow plug failed - they are for starting it and have no effect or use once the engine is running.
03 1.9DCi Service Light & 'Check Injection' Fault - a.j
I have exactly the same fault on my 1.4 petrol with the same lights showing,it also struggles to start then looses power, until the lights go out, renault want 60 odd quid to tell me what is wrong any ideas?


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