Hdi 110 LHM Float Stuck - Bromptonaut
Indicator float on the LHM reservoir seems to be stuck at the top of it's travel. Even with the ride set high and the indicator and associated connections raised out of the reservoir it still does not move.

Is there any secondary means of checking (eg visible fluid at normal or lowered ride height)?

Guess I'll have to get it down to the garage later in the week; they can check the fualt codes as well since the K light still illuminated from time to time.
Hdi 110 LHM Float Stuck - nick74
It seems quite common for them to stick, I had it happen on my old Xantia and a variety of BXs I owned previously.
I used to ignore the float and check the level by putting the suspension on minimum height then filling the reservoir until it's almost full, (so if I stuck my finger in the filler the LHM would just touch my finger tip!)
Overfilling slightly will not do any harm, the worst that will happen is that if the car is parked up for a while and the suspension sinks right down the reservoir will overflow a bit, as the lower the suspension is the more fluid is returned back to the reservoir.
Hdi 110 LHM Float Stuck - Bromptonaut
Thanks Nick, I'll give that a try. First time I've had this in 18 yrs of BX/Xantia ownership.
Hdi 110 LHM Float Stuck - mjm
I've had the odd sticky float. Judicial application of the "meat" hammer usually works.


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