02 1.2 Won't start/turn over - ljjt
2002 1.2 Clio expression, 3dr.

Hi, please can some one help, this is my girlfriends car, got in it to go to work, all lights come on dash etc then the relevant warning light go off as normal, go to start the car and nothing happens at all. doesn't turn over what so ever or even make a sound. immobiliser light isnt on but im guessing this would be the problem? had a new starter motor last year and a new battery 2 years ago, so fairly sure it wouldn't be that? can any one please help?



Luke seeing as the requests we make about year and engine size are so vague, I've altered this one for you !

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02 1.2 Wont start/turn over - yorkiebar
Sounds like an immobiliser problem, but....

If you turn on the headlights, when you operate the ignition switch, what happens to the headlights?
02 1.2 Wont start/turn over - Railroad.
Remove and clean the small terminal on the starter motor solenoid with WD40 or such like. Re-connect then try to start it again......
02 1.2 Wont start/turn over - DP
Seconded. I've had this on various cars over the years. An easy (and free) check before going into the complexities of immobilisers.

If you have no joy with this, get a multimeter set to DC volts, and connect the positive probe to this connector and the negative to a good earth point (or the battery negative). Have an assistant operate the starter. If there's a feed, it's a starter/solenoid fault. If not, it points to the ignition switch or an immobiliser problem, but further investigation will be needed.


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