307 HDI 110 Problems - David Lacey
"will not let Peugeot UK touch it"

aren't we good enough then?

Oh dear - I fear big trouble ahead....

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307 HDI 110 Problems - pmh
My money says that the whine you experienced was probably the starter motor running cotinuously once the engine had started. I cant think of many other ways to burn out a starter motor without hearing it self destruct or having signicant mechanical noises.

If the garage changed a wheel bearing because of this, I can only think the Peugeot France are absolutely correct in not letting the garage have another go! They may change a bulb or cigarette lighter!
pmh (was peter)
307 HDI 110 Problems - dave18
Incidentally my characterful 309 once made the same noise. It was a high pitched whine that adjusted in relation to engine revs and started after hitting a pothole, although I think this point was coincedential. Lasted for 10 miles of very careful worried driving and hasn't made the noise since. Don't know if it could be related to the above problem?!
307 HDI 110 Problems - David Lacey
Could be Dave - is your starter still working?

I think if it was spinning at engine speed for 10 miles it would self-destruct!

Still, a starter motor held in while the engine is running gives a most awful gut-wrenching noise which would make anybody mechanically-minded grimace :(

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307 HDI 110 Problems - dave18
Yeah it works fine; so don't know what the noise was! It can only be described as a squealing that rose/fell with engine speed.
307 HDI 110 Problems - Rob E
I'm sure I recall reading about a reader's new 307 being rejected on the grounds of a whining noise in the pages in a recent What Car? Helpline section. Can't remember the story exactly, but I'm sure a new transmission was fitted, but it didn't cure the problem.

It already seems as though this Pug is giving big problems. Why can't Peugeot make cars like they used to in the days of the 205?
Rob E
307 HDI 110 Problems - blank
I am sure they could/can. However, envirocrats won't let them and I doubt anyone would buy them because, compared with modern cars, they were c*** ;-)

307 HDI 110 Problems - Spanish
sorry if , my english is not quite good because i am spanish.

This problems appears in a lot of cars in spain. Peugeot send a circular mail to all the users for change a piece of the starter motor.

The name of this piece is "clausor", i don't know if in english is different.
This piece provoque that the starter motor burns.
You can probe if this piece is bad in your car, when you start the engine and notes a hard point when you turn the key.

Ramon (Valencia - Spain)

307 HDI 110 Problems - BrianW
Sounds like starter solenoid?
307 HDI 110 Problems - lezebre
Hi Ramon,

Nice that we've got friends in Valencia.

Nothing much wrong with your English; I can only say one thing in Spanish. Here goes: El disco que bengo de comprar esta rayado. Useful huh?

307 HDI 110 Problems - David Lacey
Interesting.....we had a 406 HDi (90BHP model) brought into us yesterday with total and utter electrical failure - caused by a blown 50A maxi-fuse in the engine compartment fusebox.....turned out the starter had 'kicked in' whilst the car was in motion and burnt itself out....nasty. The drive pinion of the motor was practically melted.

New starter fitted and a new fuse and all was well. Everything checked out OK, all we can summise is that the solenoid short-circuited...

Time will tell!

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