2003 (December) 1.7CDTi - stalling when cold - jim grim
Hi can anyone help me my car keeps stalling from cold unless you keep it reved up. the car will continue to stall untill the engine has gotten warm i.e 10 mins driving.

i got the car in april 07 and from the end of may 07 has done this.

i have had changed the following parts:

coolant temp sensor- technical data for the car says this is a common fualt however no change once new on fitted only sensor was chnaged not wiring and it was an aftermarket sensor. Should i try genuine sensor and a wiring kit???

Secondhand (but known to be free from faults) fuel temp sensor in high pressure fuel pump - the reason for this is that autodata diagnostic equipment shows the fuel temp reading to be -34 degrees. how ever no change made

the car runs fine once warm

obviously this problem is fuel related but not sure what to do next.

i want to sell the car as i have now done 10k miles since having it but cant sell it if it stalls.

please can someone help


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2003 (December) 1.7CDTi - stalling when cold - topbloke
there is a list of things to check mainly voltage checks for the fuel temp problem, is there a fault code with this if so could you post it aqnd also the engine code, the bottom line for the temp sensor is faulty sensor,(changed alreadyso not that) broken wire between sensor and ecu, or ecu fault, i could give you the test steps but need the above info before further help
2003 (December) 1.7CDTi - stalling when cold - jim grim
no fault codes stored unfortunately

The engine code is Z17DTH


2003 (December) 1.7CDTi - stalling when cold - jim grim
have replaced coolant temp sensor wiring. so that leaves the ecu or another problem and suggestions???
2003 (December) 1.7CDTi - stalling when cold - slowdown avenue
hold on to the clutch as it starts to move for the first 1and a half lenghts

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