Hit&Run or Jaywalking - borasport20


I believe as a driver I owe a duty of care to pedestrians, but he is lifting our collective leg.

Walks into the road in the dark, after a drink, on his mobile, and complains that the police don't try to find the car he can offer no description of ?
Hit&Run or Jaywalking - midlifecrisis
Gives the councillor a chance to get his name in the paper. I must nip down to stores and get a new crystal ball.
Hit&Run or Jaywalking - borasport20
MLC - obviously some motorist failed to stop and in the real world, if you had observed this incident, and checked the casualty was ok (the anaesthetic effects of alcohol), your priority would presumably be to try and get the fail-to-stopper, but is there anything the pedestrian could be done for ?
Hit&Run or Jaywalking - Lud
Perhaps he should contact those screaming carphounds of ambulance-chasers who advertise on TV and get them to sue the police, no win no fee innit?
Hit&Run or Jaywalking - borasport20
bearing in mind that 'Bryn Road' is quite a busy road, he's lucky he didn't get more serioulsly injured or hit by multiple vehicles.

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Hit&Run or Jaywalking - billy25
His biggest gripe seems to be the fact that nobody from the police turned up with a shoulder for him to cry on! - not the facts that he was hurt, probably caused the incident, and could not provide any information.
After the fuss he's causing, the Police should now turn up to take his statement, then promptly charge him with "wasting police time", "being drunk in a public place" and "endangering the life of a motorist on a public highway" for starters!
that should give him something to complain about! - whinger!

Hit&Run or Jaywalking - Bromptonaut
I've normally got a modicum of sympathy with injured peds but this guy takes the biscuit.

Hit&Run or Jaywalking - FotheringtonThomas
I believe as a driver I owe a duty of care to pedestrians but he
is lifting our collective leg.

Had he actually collapsed in the road through illness, or simply been struck through no fault of his own, would the same still be said? There is no hard evidence that he was doing anything untoward, only a series of implications, which could be unfounded.

There's no such offence as "Jaywalking", as far as I know. What do you mean by it?
Hit&Run or Jaywalking - midlifecrisis
"but is there anything the pedestrian could be done for ?"

We all know (according to the press and the Government) it's always the motorists fault.
Hit&Run or Jaywalking - AlastairW
Just before Christmas I technically ran someone over.
Basically, I was stationary at the lights when there was a clonk on the passenger side of my car. I noticed my mirror was folded back, assumed it was a local scroat looking for trouble, and moved off as the lights had by then changed. As I moved off there was a further thump, and a passer by shouted me to stop. I did, got out, and found a drunk, flat on road next to my rear wheel. Apparently I had driven over his arm.
To cut a long story short, an ambulance was called, and although my new drunken friend was taken to hopsital with much blood coming from his forehead he was otherwise unharmed. When asked by the paramedic how many he had had he said about a litre - of Vodka! Ambulance staff and a passing off duty police officer all told me not to take further action, or to expect any. Here's hoping, though I suspect matey could not remember much when he had sobered up.
To come back to the point, it ios not always the motorists fault when he 'hits' a pedestrian - especially at 4.30ish in the afternoon!
Hit&Run or Jaywalking - Bill Payer
Ambulance staff and a passing off duty police officer all told
me not to take further action or to expect any.

That seems (in this day & age) a remarkably common sense approach. I'm astonished you didn't get the bill for the ambulance.
Hit&Run or Jaywalking - Pugugly {P}
"A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said that the force were informed on September 18 that the complainant had been knocked down by a car on Bryn Road.
He said: "The alleged incident took place two days earlier and the complaintant (sic), who was intoxicated at the time, was unable to provide any details about the vehicle, including a possible make, model, colour or registration number"

Took him two days to report it. (apparently)
Hit&Run or Jaywalking - rover 75
With a bit of luck he might get disability living allowance and spend more time with Tracey .
Hit&Run or Jaywalking - Waino
Took him two days to report it. (apparently)>>

Somebody must have mentioned the word 'compensation' to him. It has an amazing effect on people.
Hit&Run or Jaywalking - rtj70
Ignore the fact he was under the influence, distracted and on a mobile..... surely any of us can stop our car safely from any speed if someone steps out in front of our vehicle at the last moment. Physics do not come into this does it?

This guy is lucky it was a car he stepped in front of. Anything bigger and he might not be here. And even if not his fault how can police investigate if he does not remember make, model, colour???

I remember a neighbour coming to my mum's house decades ago and asking if my elder brother could go to the market to look for the end of her roll of selotape she had just bought but couldn't find. I assumed it was the bit of paper but...
Hit&Run or Jaywalking - rtj70
Hit/run vs. Jaywalking - you can jaywalk and be charged when there are no cars. Even when there are no cars you are meant to wait for the lights to change and only cross where permitted.

And jaywalking is an American issue not UK ;-) You can cross almost anywhere on a road in the UK. Not in the USA. In some areas in the States you could get at least a fine or even a short spell in jail!

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Hit&Run or Jaywalking - Pugugly {P}
Jaywalking, the Germans don't like it either (As I found out one night in Freiburg !) :-0
Hit&Run or Jaywalking - martint123
Jaywalking the Germans don't like it either (As I found out one night in Freiburg !) :-0

Likewise in Hamburg as a night spent in pokey attests.
Hit&Run or Jaywalking - Pugugly {P}
It didn;t quite end up like that for me......I was with a German friend and colleague...(well he was on the pavement and I was like in the middle of the road, but he was close enough to intervene)
Hit&Run or Jaywalking - Lud
I complained in another thread the other day that I had been given cheek by a New York cop for crossing a road safely against a red light. I suppose he was kind not to give me a ticket though. I think they exist in parts of America.
Hit&Run or Jaywalking - Harleyman
I believe it's also an offence in Canada.

Forgive me for diverting the thread a little, but is it not shameful that the Government do not make more use of the BBC and other media to heighten public awareness of personal safety?

Back when I were a kid we had the Green Cross Code, cycling proficiency in schools, public information films (remember that catchy little tune Wear Something White at Night?) and suchlike.

Apart from the inevitable drink-drive campaign at Xmas, and the occasional (but very welcome) "Think Bike" advert, there doesn't seem to be much more.

I suppose they're frightened of being sued for distressing the poor little dears.
Hit&Run or Jaywalking - FotheringtonThomas
Took him two days to report it. (apparently)

Wow. I have *never* had that much to drink!
Hit&Run or Jaywalking - frazerjp
Talking on a mobile phone whilst crossing a road, can be as dangerous as driving whilst chattin on a mobile, your consentration is on the phone not the road you're crossing.
Im not suprised the cops havn't done an investigation on this incident, not just because of this guy's stupidy but they'll be chasing after speeding Mr Average who's been caught eating an apple at the wheel.

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