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My brother has a vw golf gti, R reg. A while back the drivers side electric window stopped working, apparenlty the mechanism is fine but it needs a new electric motor, so far he hasnt had quotes for this part for less than 80 quid which seems a bit excessive to me? he's been told they are very rare but surely some one mass produces them fairly cheap? does anyone know of any good internet sites or retailers that sell such a motor for a reasonable price?

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Electric window motor - Screwloose

There are quite a few variations and part-number changes; but the last one that I fitted was £180 from the dealers, so maybe £80 isn't such a bad price.

Make very sure that it's not the switch. It can be very hard to tell.
Electric window motor - AM
Post 1996 have motor and regulator combined.Dealer price is around 160 pounds. I know, had to have mine done. Common prob on these golfs hence second hand quite pricey.

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