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2003 1.3 - thermostat/head gasket? - piston power
driving down motorway yesterday the wife's ka,1.3,03 reg temp gauge lit up she imediatley pulled over coolant expansion tank bubbling like hell!
let it cool some relieved pressure slowly from bottle,rad fan spinning,all hoses hot, suspect thermostat stuck,drove on with heater on hot fan blowing no other probs untill tried near home put it to cold and bingo did it again!
removed last night tried in hot water from kettle not opening, ordered new parts from ford at a wopping £42.00 new stat,o ring,& rubber gasket, don't think water pump is faulty would overheat all the time,
If head gasket has gone is this a chain driven engine? any probs with head cracking or straight forward skim new gasket's? any info greatly accepted thanks..

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Tags: technical issues head gasket cooling system chain cam belts and chains

thermostat/head gasket? - DP
Does the engine say Endura-E or Duratec on the rocker cover? They changed over in 2003.
Endura-E is a pushrod engine, Duratec is an OHC with chain cam drive.
The Endura-E is an all cast iron unit dating back to the time of Rameses III, and will weather overheating rather better than most. The Duratec has an alloy head and therefore would logically be less tolerant. That said, my mum's StreetKa (1.6 litre version of this engine) boiled its coolant over and survived unscathed.

Re the cause of the overheating, has the car had a new heater control valve recently by any chance?


thermostat/head gasket? - piston power
Duratec alloy head, no not had the valve yet heater was nice and hot, gonna fit new stat today will let you know if things inprove fingers crossed..
thermostat/head gasket? - jc2
From the description of the T/stat,it's an OHC.
thermostat/head gasket? - piston power
Fitted new stat ran up all ok, temp up heater nice and hot, wife very happy some brownie points for me!! Thanks all..
heater control valve - streetka - Bigo
Hi DP, I read you message whilst hunting for info.

I had the heater valve replaced on my streetka on 30/12/08. Within 5 days the temp light came on and I pulled over and turned the heater on full blast to get rid of some heat and that cured it temporarily. It has now happen 3 more times the worst being on a 6 mile return trip.

I took it to the garage which repaced the valve, they hadn't put the expansion tank on properly and it seems to expand a bit.

they say it needs a new thermostat anf expansion tank but that may not be the cure. Very vague and unhelpful

So I am very curious why you asked that question have you replaced heater control valve .

I would be very grateful if you have any useful info.

best regards

heater control valve - streetka - Ads

Just resurrecting this thread because my girlfriend's 2003 SportKa (1.6 engine?) with a Duratec engine has just started overheating, but with the water levels apparently OK. Had a heater valve replaced about a year or so ago and more recently, because of water loss, replaced the expansion tank's cap.

Car booked in on Monday (same garage who fitted heater valve and advised new cap), but would appreciate any thoughts beforehand if possible.

heater control valve - streetka - elekie&a/c doctor
These Duratec engines are beginning to show problems with the coolant thermostat.It is part of the plastic housing that sits on the end of the engine,above the gearbox.It can only be bought as a complete assy.I have seen cases where the aluminium of the cylinder head has been corroded away and the thermo housing will not seal properly.hth

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