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Does anyone know if the Gamma radio in my 02 Golf will "remember" its code if I disconnect the battery? The manual says some models have "convenience coding" whereby if it's the original radio (it is) the car somehow recognises the unit and you wont have to enter a code. Want to change the battery soon. If not, do dealers give out codes FOC (unlikely, I'm sure) - if not, any idea how much? I presume the info is easily found on the VW system from the vin number?


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It's quite possible that the radio is coded with the car's VIN number.

At power-up it checks this number with the other coded modules and, if it matches, it switches on.
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You should be able to keep the code if you use a 12v power source to the car via the cigar lighter when the battery is being disconnected/reconnected. This is what the likes of Halfords do when changing a battery. It worked for my Audi.
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Well....It does keep the codes. Was forced to disconnect the battery on Christmas Eve as the alarm kept going off (the common Golf fault of a tailgate washer leaking on to the switch - now sorted). Anyway battery off all Christmas Day and radio went into "Safe" mode but then fired up. Code obviously stored.

Have to get that new battery now - figured I'd change it as 5 years old - or should I wait for problems?

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For VW Radio Codes with a v serial us the guys in the link below as they cannot be calculated and the garage charges £35+ for them.

Volkswagen Radio Codes


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