E90/E92 3 series floormats - jimf1912
Yes, floormats!!

Having changed earlier this year from an E46 coupe to an E92 coupe, I'd ordered BMW's floormats, having been pleased with the fact that, whilst they are expensive at £75 for the set, they will stand going through a washing machine with no problems.

The mats for the new model, though, are poorer. Thinner, less substantial, and the passenger side has no securing points, so after a few months they are creased and virtually impossible to return to their previous flat state.

My question is : do I have the correct mats, or has my dealer fired in a set of cheapo mats thinking I wouldn't notice? Anyone else have the same problem?
E90/E92 3 series floormats - valmiki
Do they have any part numbers on them anywhere, or on an invoice? if so, they should be genuine. I've heard you can look up BMW part numbers on various websites

I'd go and have a check at some of their cars on the forecourt to make sure though.
E90/E92 3 series floormats - jimf1912
They are genuine, V, will check on the forecourts after Christmas.
E90/E92 3 series floormats - jimf1912
Have now checked back at the dealers. The floormats on the E92 are the only ones available, and very much inferior to E46 ones. At £75 retail, they are shockingly bad value (no surprise I guess from BMW), but really are poor for the money. The passenger footwell one has no means of securing it, and can easily be creased in normal use, and is virtually impossible to 'uncrease'!

Bad show, BMW.

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