Advice on buying a new Golf GTi tdi - biker rob

Looking at getting a new Golf GTi tdi.
Basically I'm looking for advice on how to pick up the best deal.
Thoughts being I would pay a deposit just now and pick up the car when the new reg. Nos come out.
I would have no trade in (sell car privately) and pay cash.
Local VW dealer lists the car at £18100 but I've managed to find an on-line broker for quite a lot less than that (approx £16k). Whats the standard of level of haggling open to local dealers.
Also whats the latest on getting the car from overseas? Are there still deals to be had?
Or is this now a thing of the past.
Cheers for any advice.
Advice on buying a new Golf GTi tdi - 659FBE
Buy the Skoda/Seat version at one year old, haggle hard and put the rest of your money in an ISA.

If the predicted financial climate change materialises, as I think it will, you'll be glad you did - badges cost money.

Advice on buying a new Golf GTi tdi - biker rob
I tend to keep my cars for a while. Current Golf GTi has lasted me since I bought it new in 1988.
Just like the idea of getting new again and holding on to it.
Once bought - usually start saving for the next one.
Forget about all this loans and finance - all adding to the final price.
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You have the 'best broker price' - use this as leverage with your local VW outlet, (a handy printed quote casually held might help..) Simply say, in a pleasant enthusiastic tone & open visage : "I love the car, thanks for the test drive! By the way, I've seen other VW dealer price quotes at ~£16K - could you match that?" (then nice smile & silence from you )

No advice on the 'overseas' option, but it wouldn't appeal to me.

Advice on buying a new Golf GTi tdi - cheddar
Do you do the mileage to warrant a diesel? I ask because the VAG diesels in my opinion are way of the pace in refinement terms though the GTi 2.0 petrol turbo is a great engine.
Advice on buying a new Golf GTi tdi - Gromit {P}
'overseas' option unlikely to pay given the strength of Sterling against the Euro (approx E1.40 = £1)
Advice on buying a new Golf GTi tdi - biker rob
In the 19 years I've owned the GTi - I've only covered average mileage must admit.
My wife has a little Clio diesel and the thing gets 65-70mpg. From what I've read I can expect over 50 out of the Golf - fuel costs being a big reason to consider a diesel.
Also just like they Golfs are built making me want another but want to be sure I'm getting the best deal.

Advice on buying a new Golf GTi tdi - daveyjp
Facelifted version of Mk V is due out early next year - there should be deals on the old model. The brokers price is equivalent to about 10% discount. Any dealer should find this in the deal.

VAG diesels have been overtaken for refinement, but PD technology is well established. New common rail 2.0TDi out next year too.
Advice on buying a new Golf GTi tdi - charlesb

Just be careful who you buy from. As you're paying cash, you are in a good position.

I just purchased a new Citroen C8 from a dealer after looking at the deals available through brokers. The difference between the best deal and the dealer was £700. But beware, some of the broker dealers hang on to your V5 for 6 months in order to make the deal.

I looked at DealDrivers, Drivethedeal and Carfile amongst others, and concluded that the Dealdrivers quote was realistic (Considering that they guarantee you are the first owner and keeper of the vehicle).

I used these prices to get the best price from my local dealer(s). Because SWMBO was insistent on a particular colour, one of the dealers wouldnt deal because there was not a single C8 in the country in that colour. The other Dealer could do it, but delivery won't be till Feb 2008 (sob sob).

However, I wanted the 0% finance, which means visiting the dealership in person. When I took this into account, the broker price and the dealer price were equivalent.

So, I gave my business to my local dealer, who had been overwhelmingly helpful and not at all pushy or difficult to deal with.

Just so you know, my Touran I bought through Autocarsource broker, as my local dealer tried to screw me. They are unfortunately only selling prestige cars now, but they were excellent.

Hope this helps. Make the decision not just on price though, if your local dealer is willing to budge on price, great. If not, then go with the broker

Last Last comment: Broker prices normally include a Driven Delivery to your doorstep, not on the back of a transporter, which is extra.

It's not as clear cut these days as when I bought my Touran in 2004, so do what's best for you.

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Advice on buying a new Golf GTi tdi - RichardW
"However, I wanted the 0% finance"

My understanding from DTD a while back was that you could have your cake and eat it - ie the cheap price and the 0% finance!

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Advice on buying a new Golf GTi tdi - charlesb
Yes, you can have your cake and eat it, but you have to travel some way in order to get hold of the cake!!

When I took the distance and time off work required to do this in monetary terms the difference was negligible.
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Advice on buying a new Golf GTi tdi - daveyjp
DTD trade through main dealers anyway and all manufacturer or dealer offers are available to purchasers - the supplying dealer asked us if we wanted to know about finance options, servicing schemes etc etc.

I do agree about getting a local dealer to price match an internet price. Our local Toyota dealer wouldn't so he didn't get the business.
Advice on buying a new Golf GTi tdi - Avant
Think about a Golf Estate which you can have in SE trim and the 2.0 TDI engine - or a Skoda Octavia (built like a Golf). If you don't do a huge mileage you might be tempted by the Octavia 2.0 petrol vRS - much cheaper than the Golf GTI but same engine - which is a particularly torquey one.

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