Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - mutley
I have a 2 month old TDCi that intermittantly is difficult to start.
When the problem occurs the engine cranks but does not fire.There is a beeping sound from under the bonnet and the glow plug dash light flashes.
At first when the problem arose the engine would fire on the second attempt but it now takes 3/4 attempts.
The main agent say they can find nothing wrong but, patently, there is.
It makes no difference if the engine has been used for a short /long run nor if the engine is warm /cold.
Can any of you clever people suggest a cause and a solution?
(The car otherwise is very impressive and at 50+ mpg average over the last 7000 miles I have no other complaints.)
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - John S

Whilst someone here may have some idea, that's not really acceptable on a 2 month old car.

I suggest giving the main dealer a another tweak, and then if that doesn't work, a letter to Ford customer services at Warley in Essex. I still see the Ford in house magazine, and that this month reckons they are ahead of the game in customer service! Patently not in this case.

The letter needs little more than you've posted here in terms of fault description.


John S
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - FocusTDCIApril

I wrote some time ago regarding the problem of poor staring and the flashing Glow plug light. I wondered if anyone knows yet of what could be causing it.

My Focus is still playing up, its been in for its 2nd service and they cannot find the fault.

I've taken matters into my own hands now and ordered the 2002 Ford Technical Data Disc to look for the fault.

I rang technical up and have spoke to them several times and have now given up on them. NO ONE WANTS TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS APART FROM ME!!!

I asked them what could cause a "No Start" situation, but no one could tell me. Early tests Ive carried out show that if most of the plugs are disconnected the car will still start, but flash the glow plug light...but does not gove the no start situation, more on that when my manual arrives !!

I work for a Very large electronics company and no one I have spoken to can answer the "No Start situation with flashing light" I think its just a Joke that you can spend 20 grand or more on a car and no one will follow it up or offer to get to the bottom of it.

I run a lap top in the car ALL DAY and have offered to monitor the ECU to find the fault code or check for faults whilst the failure occurs but no one could give a toss.

The last garage, to be fair, said it may be a loose earth and offered to take the car appart to look but the likeyhood of a earth being off it very very low.

Anyhow, as soon as I find more details out I shall post them on here.....that is if my car will start and get me home !!!!


Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - AndyT
Speaking to a work colleague today, he said that this was documented in Motor Industry which is a trade mag that he receives.

Apparently, the problem is to do with the Chassis-to-engine earth lead. At the chassis end, the terminal is tightened up against a painted surface, the earth coducting through the bolt. The problem stems from the fact that the bolt has a thread locking compound applied to it, which can cause a bad earth.

The cure is(or was)to scrape some paint away to allow the terminal to tighten against a metal surface, so as not to rely on the bolt.

I hope this can help those of you with this problem, maybe you will post back if cured.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - FocusTDCIApril
Im going to give this a go in the week...Thanks for the advice..when I have ran it for a while I shall post the results on here ..

Thanks Dave
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - Jacko

Any update on the starting problems? Has cleaning the earth made things better?

I have a 7 month old Mondeo TDCi which has been starting great every time no problem until this morning! Same symptoms like everyone else.....

- Switch on with a funny electrical type buzzing.
- Glow plug light out.
- Go for start, but the engine just cranks over without firing.
- Turn off and try buzzing, engine fires up.

I think it may be related to the fuel system as most Di type engines will try to fire when cranking with no glow plugs. Could it be the immobiliser system not opening the fuel shut off during the initialisation process when the key is first turned? then does on subsequent start attempts. I wonder if the same happens if you try to start the car with a non coded key?

Any update guys?


Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - FocusTDCIApril

As of yet I still have the problem, I spoke to technical (£1 a Min) and they were aware of the earth problem on 2000 Year Models but said they didnt think mine should be effected.
I now also get the battery light coming on when driving sometimes..

SO...I booked it into the garage and advised them of what technical said....They had it all day and when it was deliver back the driver give me the keys and said all done!! When I asked what had been done he gave me the paperwork and said its all on my suprise this is what it said >>>>Checked batt earth ok, checked Ver of software<<<

WHAT A WAIST OF TIME, the garage cant even pick the phone up and speak to me or the techncial line that I spoke to. I sent it in with a covering letter stating the faults the technical number which the fault was report on and 2 contact numbers... I then found out that there are 2 technical information lines one for Dealers and one for the public...(good eh !!)

Anyhow its booked into the Garage at Bury Manchester, again for the 10th of January for a 37000 mile service and for some guy to check the earths ....

So far its >>

Been into Ashton Ford twice, and Uplifted once...
RAC once
Into Oldham Ford Once.
Bury Once..

When the Lease is up on this car I wont be having another one...Dont get me wrong the car is great when its running, but dealer back up is just a Joke, technical dont speak to each other, dealers dont speaker to customers and theres just a complete disregard for the customer...

I had a Volvo for 5 years and the back up service was Excellent..No problems and when I did have one slight problem, (Water Leak) they collected the car, dropped me a loan off and delivered it back, cleaned and with full report of what had happened..and that was outside the 3 year cover and no charge!!!

A Totally P***Ed off Focus Driver

I shall let you all know the latest excuses and Cock ups soon!!


Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - Godfrey H {P}
Your problems and others on this site are precisely the reason why I won't buy a Ford. It seems to me buying a Ford car is like a lottery ticket, you might get a good one you might not. In any case if you do get a problem car Ford and their dealers couldn't care less once they've got your money. Sadly Vauxhall seem to be going the same way.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - FocusTDCIApril

Just wondered if you were getting anywhere with the problems on your car (Or not as the case may be)

Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - jc
A flashing glow plug light and a noise from under the bonnet suggest problems with the glow plug circuit and controller.If you have no success with dealers a letter to
The Managing Director
Ford Motor Co. Ltd.
Eagle Way

will provoke action-with my daughter's car within 24 hrs.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - David Lacey
I think the flashing glow plug lamp indicates a system fault - as a Vectra/SEAT TDi's do

MG-Rover Questions? Click on
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - FocusTDCIApril
Hi all

I have a TDCI which is 4 months old and does the same thing..Flashing Glow plug light when trying to start it and then on the 3rd or 4th go it does start.

Its failed 5 or 6 times... I have does everything to help ford find the fault, but they dont seem to care less. They have put new software in it, but thats put strange Qurks on the car now!

On the 4th time it failed I had it uplifted to the ford dealer (With the Glow plug light flashing) so they could see it first hand...they left it from 10am to 5pm with the keys still in it untouched!!

What i have noticed is that you dont have to turn the engine over for the Glow plug light to Flash when the fault shows up.

Just put to the red setting and hear the initalisation of the engine then the flashing starts..

Id like to hear if you can get anywhere with yours...I knew I should have bought a Volvo.!!!


Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - crazed
so many ford focus are company cars who have users who couldnt care less that the dealers take it for granted that you will put up with p**s poor service, or the users have no choice cos their company or lease company negotiate the servicing deals

get a marque where most owners are private and the dealers are different
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - robert
Like what marque would that be then?
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - jud
Just what i was thinking.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - Flat in Fifth
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - madf
RollsRoyce? :-)
Bristol? :-)
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - sedpig
I have had my new Ford Mondeo TDCI estate since July 2002 (4K miles). Already it has been towed into a Ford dealer by the RAC twice. Both occasions, on starting, the glow-plug light would flash, the engine would turn over but it would not start. On the first occasion it was in the dealers for 7 days.
Eventually they changed the ICU (Injection control Unit).
On the second occasion (1 month later) the same starting problem occurred. This time they changed the CMP sensor, again something to do with the injection system.
Fords Customer services say, “If the car is towed in three times with an identical fault, we will replace the car.”
What they mean by “an identical fault?”
I feel I’m going to have more starting problems. Does anyone know where I will stand if I do?
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - David Lacey
Contact your solicitor I think!

"Get a marque where most owners are private and the dealers are different"

MG Rover!

MG-Rover Questions?
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - Cardew
Presumably this is the reason HJ would not recommend the Mondeo TDCI in his 'choose a car' article in the Telegraph today?
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - David Lacey

Otherwise, a fine car
MG-Rover Problems?
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - Tony N
My Focus does this too, and to top it the CD player has stopped working. Reason = Fords are rubbish.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - markh
mmmm. Got a four week old mondeo tdci and covered 1500 miles so far. The starting problem has happened twice (flashing glow plug indicator etc). More worryingly the engine has cut out twice when slowing down towards a roundabout and consequently the power steering was lost ! Went back to Birchwood Ford in Eastbourne today. They've had the car all day and want me to book it in again for more tests. Anyone else had the engine stalling problem ?

Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - markh
Went back to my dealer today and apparently Ford have given out some directives about the problem. The trouble is around the fuel injection pump and problems with it bedding in resulting in shards of metal debris clogging things up. Cleaning it out and a sweep with a magnet is required ! The cure might involve changing the entire fuel injection system if the problem continues.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - keith
I've had the COMPLETE fuel injection system replaced and the ECU and another injector fitted & the new ECU program installed & the earths cleaned. It still refuses to start and at present it is at the dealers and has been there since 17/12/02 while I have a petrol Mondeo on hire to me under the Ford warranty.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - kurnal
For so many months I too thought I was alone in problems with my mondeo TDCI. I first took delivery in May this year and by July the engine was using a lot of fuel and smoking heavily, and some misfiring. Main dealer said no cause for concern. Then 3 days later, towing my van on the M5 at 3000 miles from new suffered severe power losses and glow plug light started flashing. Limped to a Ford dealer, car able to maintain about 20 mph on the flat. My BRILLIANT leasing firms tech department got to the bottom of it for me- Ford issued a confidential service bulletin on the problem on 17 July. The problem is in the diesel pump which has a manufacturing defect. the cams and rollers are case hardened but a number of pumps have a problem whereby the case hardening fractures and contaminates the whole fuel system with small chards of hardened steel. Total replacement of fuel system and flushing of tank is the only cure. Car off road about 4 weeks whilst spares sourced. Ask main dealer to check for fuel contamination- this will show up the problem. Thats what the flashing glowplug indicates. My car was fixed and off the road for a month, stranded 300 miles from home but Ford did look after me and paid the AA to bring the van home. On its return the car ran ok but had a misfire or flat spot at between 1800 and 2000 rpm that nobody could ever bottom. Then just 6 weeks later the fuel pump failure occurred again- at 6000 miles- off the road for another month. Ford finally replaced the car for me in November with a brand new identical model. However from the outset this one has had a flat spot/ misfire which occurs only with a warm engine between 1800-2000 rpm, on partial throttle settings. Its also only averaging 40 mpg on reasonably long runs-the other when ok was good for 46. I would love to get to the bottom of this although I havn't reported it to the dealer cos I know from last time they havn't hasn't got any answers for it.I know some but not all cars have this problem - one of the hire cars I drove did exhibit this symptom and a couple did not. The ones that ran cleanly though seemed also to be more economical. I have a feeling that this problem could be down to a software update that was made in August.
Sorry for baring my soul at such length - I would be pleased to hear from anyone with similar problems
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - mondeo-man
It's interesting to compare notes, so here's my experience so far with a TDCi bought in late October 2002. No sign of starting problems (touch wood). But right from new, it has had the misfire which you describe at 1800-2000 rpm when warm and on a light throttle (4th or 5th gear). This is intermittent and irritating rather than disasterous. It gives a steady (slightly disappointing) 43mpg. It used 2 litres of oil in the first 3000 miles - nothing to worry about says the dealer. On the temperature front, I've noticed it takes a long distance to register a normal temperature - maybe 6-8 miles on the open road. It seems this is just a feature of the method of temperature sensing on this car.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - frustrated

I think I have just read about my own car. I to have the 1800-2000 hesitancy, new fuel system fitted, cutting out, black smoke, poor MPG and to top it all 2 - 3 litres of diesel getting into the sump with the oil. The replacement fuel parts, pump, injectors, high pressure rail have all failed again and this when the car has only done some 14,000 miles. Now waiting for it to be replaced a second time.
Mind you Ford customer service have been really supportive, not, must be off the road 3 weeks, repaired on 3 seperate occassions etc and now they want £2,500 pound off me to change their faulty car. I think Ford are amatuers and failing to support its customers on this issue. Incidentally, Ford advised me that if they do change the car then it will only be covered on warranty and should the same problem occur with the new car then tough cause it want get replaced.
I am aware of 2 other people with the same fault that Ford cannot fix, and a Ford dealer actually advised a friend of mine not to buy a Mondeo TDCi as Ford couldn't fix the problems.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - kurnal
Sorry to hear of your continuing problems, I placed a suggestion on this site some time ago that we should all exchange details and join forces in putting pressure on ford to sort this out. I still think this may be a way forward.
My car has just had the latest software update Version 24 issued last week and the misfire was better for 24 hours but now is back the same as before when the engine is warm - and is now worse on a cold engine than it was.
Just been told by my dealer that Ford have issued a safety recall to beef up the fuel filter- don't know any more details yet and the new filters aren't available yet.
I am curious to know what they mean by beefing up - ie is it to make it a more efficient filter or to make it physically more robust?
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - googolplex
you seem to have tried several of those upgrades and none of them seems to have done the trick. I can't help thinking that it is something mechanical rather than electrical but then I'm a layman when it comes to technogarb.

Regarding the safety recall - I haven't found a reference to this anywhere. Any leads?

Regarding mine, so far fine, modest start to mpg but once I turned the air con off, I'm getting consistent figures between 45 & 50mpg although I'm being reasonably kind to it, running in as HJ recommends in his FAQs

Good luck with the "joining forces". If mine starts playing up, you can be sure I'll be signing up. Hopefully for my sake you'll not hear from me!

Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - frustrated
Thanks for the response.

I feel that Ford are letting down all their customers on this one and like yourself my car has just been recalibrated to the latest version. This made things worse and they then had to have it back in a do a full reset on the engine management. Ran alright for 80 miles, then low and behold back to square one.

I am currently awaiting a response from Ford management about why it is throwing diesel into the oil again? Why the injection system keeps breaking? Should have the answer on Wednesday.

If it does not prove to be a satisfactory response then my next course of action would be to do as you suggest and get the power of the people.

Incidentally will they be recalling all TDCi's for the filter update or only do it if people complain? And why does it only affect some cars? Clearly Ford are not 'Designed for living, Engineered to last'.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - Bridget
Hi, Did you ever get any joy from Ford re this problem??? I have had a 53 plate TDCi which has cut out from new. It's now been back to Ford 7 times (off the road 38 weeks) and I'm still certain they haven't fixed it but neither Ford Customer (Don't) Care or the delaership will sort it out and I had to take on a solicitor. However, I'm not hopeful of getting justice and it looks like I'm going to be left with a dangerous car that i can't use.
Any advice or info would be much appreciated.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - Dynamic Dave

I'm asuming you're responding to "frustrateds" post.

Unfortunately the last time he was here was on Mon, the 24 Mar 2003.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - googolplex

I had a problem about 6 months back with my 03 plate TDCi cutting out, and failing to start. It turned out to be the 'camshaft sensor' which needed replacing. Since the replacement, it has been absolutely fantastic (as usual). Yours' sounds like a similar problem.

Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - frustrated
Hi Bridget.

I like yourself found that the car was 1. Unsafe to drive and 2. Unreliable. I also found that after several months of talking to Ford Customer Care, that they do not care. The person I was dealing with insisted that Ford would change the car but for me to pay an extortionate amount of money for the privilige of putting mileage onto the car. It also did not help at all when a Ford Engine Engineer visited the dealers and wrote a report acknowledging that there was a fault on the car. However, they did not pass me a copy.
I tried with trading standards and they agreed that the situation was unacceptable as the car was not as advertised, but also said that under the terms of the Ford warranty, Ford were doing everything correct.
With all this I cut my losses and part exchanged the car at a none Ford dealer so no history check could be made on the computer. I did lose £5000 in less than 12 months but also lost the headache of owning the car.

Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - twizzle
Intersting to read of so many Mondeo problems!. I have a 2.0 litre 16 valve duratorq diesel,(pre TDCi version Mondeo). It developed a cutting out problem on 16 Jan 03. This has now occurred three times whilst driving, and after the engine cuts out it will not restart until the engine has thoroughly cool down or has been left for hours, then it usually restarts. It has been into a Ford dealers, they could not find the problem and even had to be towed back after thinking they had solved the problem. The final conclusion was that it was the ECU (Powertrain Control Module), thats when I pulled the car out of the garage. It seems like my car will run when stationery but after one or two miles the engine cuts out. When you come to look for the problem its disappeared. The cars done 40K miles.
The earth lead problem sounds interesting as I have noticed some minor corrosion on the lead. Can anyone help as I have also given up with Ford technical.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - googolplex
I doubt if its of any use but I had a similar problem on a Cavalier TDLS and it was diagnosed by the AA as a faulty lead going to the "stop solenoid". I took it into Vauxhall who, of course, looked at anything except what I asked and professed not to find a fault (except that I seemed to get it serviced at an independent so it was obviously my fault anyway...) To cut a long story short, the next time the car cut out, the AA came out again, the man replaced the lead himself and the problem never returned...

Good luck with yours

Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - swaneagle
Ive got a 2.0 tddi 2001 bought at 54,000 it started surging at 2500 so the ford garage put it on there computer and re programmed the emu and all ok now with that, but as with your TDCI just before the power ban comes in at 1750 rpm i get a slight miss when warm. Also traveling along keeping the car in say 4th or 5th at between 1750/1850 on very light throttle the car seems to surge slightly. Vospers my local Ford dealer have said it is a problem with the Mondeo TD range and that as yet there is no cure,(or its to expensive).I wonder if they will find a cure when its out of warranty!!!!
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - Izzi
Bought my TDCi last October and as I drove it out of the showroom, it cut out and glow plug light flashed. I switched off and restarted and away it went. Never happend again until May this year, turn ignition on, wait for glow plug light to go out and turn engine, it didn't fire after about two turns so I switched ignition off, turned it on again and glow plug light flashes,didn't try to start as the flashing didn't stop, turned ignition off and on again, glow plug light went out, car started immediatley. This has started to happen more frequently but it always starts at the second attempt if I follow the routine I just mentioned. Thus I did a search on the internet and ended up here, glad to know I am not alone in this and when I take the car to the dealer I will show him print outs of all that you guys have contributed in this forum.
I must say though, the car is excellent, consumption typically 50+ mpg on a run and performance equal to most petrol engines.
Can't comment on Ford service support yet but we have four Fords in the family, two Fiestas for the daughters and the wife has a new Fiesta also and not a single complaint from any of them ( one of the Fiestas has done 120k miles)
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - Jacko
Check this link out...
It's for Focus TDCi's...maybe it will apply to Mondeo's. Just click on "FORD" then " Ford Focus TDCi cranking but not starting : immobiliser problem"

Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - FergusTheDog
My Focus TDCi can be a pig to start on cold mornings. A contact at Ford says this is due to glow plugs being timed at 2-3 seconds instead of 4-5.

Perhaps the Focus battery is just too weak for a proper glow? Judging by the way my lights brighten when the heated front screen goes off then it is a bit marginal.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - ukemaxxer
Hi, my brand new leased company car is a Mondeo TDci with the 130 bhp engine. Today 2 days old and only 500 miles on the clock it started ok, ran for about 2 mins and then cut the engine with the glowplug light flashing. It restarted straight away and has not done it again (yet!) the Ford dealer sid it was showing signs of fuel pump wear and reading this forum makes that sound more sense, I thought how could a 2 day old car have a worn fuel pump?. This is a slightly different symptom to most of the ones on here, has any one else had this fault and more so had it cured?

Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - googolplex
Kurnal said recently that there had been a safety recall to "beef up the main fuel filter" (I think). I don't know if that covers the same thing.
Sorry to read about the starting problem. Mine has never done this touch wood. Its a great car in all respects except fuel economy which is modest at best for me. Be interesting to know what yours does. Is yours the new 6 speed?

Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - ukemaxxer
Yes it is the 6 speed box and I wasn't expecting it as the bruchure I had made no mention of it. As for the fuel economy I have only done 600 miles in the car so far but the last 100 miles has used half a tank !! so don't know what's going on there. Hopefully it will settle down.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - kurnal
Hi once again
My dealer has shown me the recall notice on the fuel filter-
The fuel filter upgrade applies to mondeo and focus tdcis and the filter is being changed to stop particles greater than 2 microns - the old one was a 5 micron filter. No full recall will take place- the filter will be changed at the next scheduled service ( So ford avoid paying labour charges for the upgrade he says).

As you know I have had one or two probs and as I was still still suffering the part throttle misfire problem the dealer agreed to fit the new filter.
The effect was immediate and dramatic- the car is transformed and the misfire has gone. Sometimes theres just a hint of a shudder on partly opening the throttle but its gone in a flash. I really cant understand how a filter change can make such a difference and am wondering if there was an air leak or something on the old filter. Anyway I am chuffed to bits!

When my current car was just a few weeks old it had a similar one off problem when I started up at the supermarket. There was no power, the engine was knocking badly and the glow light was flashing. I pulled over and restarted- the problem disappeared and has never come back. I have been told it may have been a bit of dirt in the system! or a sticking injector? Anyway no probs since- now done 8500 miles.

Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - googolplex
Kurnal, Great news!
Interested to know if it has had any effect on your mpg.

Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - kurnal
The fuel filter mod has not had any noticeable effect on the fuel consumption. Since we last posted on this I have had 2 software updates and the spring has come, gradually the fuel consumption has stabilised out at about 42 mpg. It never drops below 40mpg now - I dont expect it to improve any more- its mildly dissapointing but I dont mind cos its going so well now.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - FocusTDCIApril
Hi All

My Focus has just turned 1 year old, with 51,000 on the clock.

Last week I was in Scotland, driving on the motorway and guess what .... it started to do the ususal problem that I've had from day one, the glowplug light started to flash, but this time the car decided to go into "Limp Home mode" It wouldn't rev above 3000RPM and sounded like a bad a spanners!!! I mamaged to get it to the hotel and was told it would be ok to drive the following day to get me to the garage.

Morning arrived and I tried to start the car, smoke?? You have never seen so much smoke in your life....!!!! I didnt drive to to the garage as it sounded Very Very Serious!!!!

Anyway after lots of phone calls to Ford, the Lease company etc. it was agreed that the Garage would look at it stright away.

The RAC took it to the dealer the following day, and spent 4 hours in the service area watching the engineers Smile and look at the engine..

It turned out that the injection timing had "Gone out"..but they are not to sure on why, the smiley engineer came and said its fixed but we are not to sure why it failed in the first place, and it will probably go again !!!

The Joys of owning a Ford..

Its Booked in at my local dealer now for a full service..maybe they will have some luck

Other problems now are

:- Lumber support knob broken
:- Wipers dont return to the bottom of window
:- Intellegent windows have started to give trouble. Can come back to the car after being parked up and find the Back passenger window all the way down...,its only ever that window which is effected.

One good point is that I managed to get 674 Miles to a tank of fuel 51Ltrs.

(No jokes please that most of them was done being towed!!!)

If you see a Silver Focus on the Hard Shoulder, say hi wont ya !!


Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - FocusTDCIApril
Car went in to the dealers today, Tue 6th May for 50th service, parts which they ordered 1 month ago and also to look at the intermittant glow plug light problem.

Dropped the car off at 8am, as they requested and was told to pick the car up at 5. (Can they manage time or what, i think not)

I arrived at 4.30 to collect the car and was told ;-

**They found no fault with it even though that morning it was flashing its glow plug light at me

**They have to order the parts which they were supposed to be fitting that day but didnt have in , even though they saw the car 1 month ago for the part to be ordered!!

**Put new firmware in the ECU

**They had fitted the silver cover to one of the back wheel nuts this point I spoke to Ford Customer Service who have a case number raised against the car and was told now its 12month old its nothing to do with them, its down to the lease company !!! Thanks Gary at Ford..nice to see you can just wash your hands of problems!

I have noticed that the performance has been reduced, and that its responsiveness had gone !!

Only another 48000 miles to go and I can get shut of it !!!

Heres the technical bulletin on the fuel pump problem, if anyone wants to know...



Car and Light/Medium Commercial 31.10.2002

Section: 303 - 04

Model: Mondeo 2001 with 2.0L DuraTorq-TDCi engine built from 10.2001 (build code 1K), Focus with 1.8L DuraTorq-TDCi engine built from 05.2001 (build code 1B)

Markets: All

Subject: Engine running erratically or does not start


Should a customer express concern that the engine is running erratically or does not start, a common cause is that the fuel pump is unable to deliver the required fuel rail pressure due to wear of the cam, rollers and shoes. The damage is caused by insufficient bedding of the rollers during early life. This also creates metallic particles which can enter the high pressure fuel system and lead to injector failure. To rectify this concern, a revised fuel pump, new injectors and associated parts should be installed.

If this concern is present, it will generally be indicated by a flashing glow plug indicator showing that a fault has been detected.

This bulletin supersedes TSB 63/2002 dated 08.08.2002, which should either be destroyed or clearly marked to show it is no longer valid (e.g. with a line across the page). Additions have been made to the Parts Required and Labour Times. The Service Instruction has been ammended.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - kurnal
"The damage is caused by insufficient bedding of the rollers during early life."

So Ford are still blaming the driver! Strange because I have been told by two different dealers that the problems were caused by a sub contractor who provided parts for the pumps failing to properly "case harden" the cams and rollers.
And Ford have never changed the running in instructions in the car handbook.

But then I suppose that would be tantamount to holding ones hand up and admitting a mistake. Unthinkable.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - FocusTDCIApril
Been back to the dealer today, I have tried to get use to the loss of power since the last ECU Firmware upgrade, but I cant live with the reduced power.

I asked them to put the old firmware back in but they say they have tried but they cant!!!

Has anyone got any ideas to help in this situation ??

Its now got 56775 on the it time to throw the towel in ???? Or did Ford do that as soon as it came off the production line ???

Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - kurnal
Have you seen any of the threads on the mondeo enthusiasts group webpage
Theres a forum for diesel engines and several posters regularly answer questions to a very great depth- for example one contributor "dieselspecialist" seems to be about 6 steps ahead of the main dealers when it comes to procedures and test equipment.
Many of the problems seem to be common to both the focus and mondeo.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - FocusTDCIApril
Its a funny world...

Did I tell anyone Ive started Swimming??..........its with a bit of a difference....its whilst im driving.!!!!

Thanks to the poor service of my local ford garage they incorrectly refitted my pollen filter and didnt re-set the plasic housing on the passanger side of the car, just under the windscreen.

I left the car parked for about 1.5 hours after driving in very heavey rain for 2 hours on the M6 and by the time I got back to the car there was water all in the passenger footwell, it had also started to make its way into the rear of the car....passing the CD player/inverter under the passanger seat too...

....didnt even bother taking it to the dealers...whats the point?????? ....58000 miles now ...nearly at the end of the lease!!!!


Can Anyone recomend a replacement car from another Manufacture ??

PS anyone had problems with the remote window closing...sometimes mine will only wind some of the windows up and no all of them!!!!

Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - Izzi
Bit harsh to blame Ford manufacturing for a dealership cock up.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - FocusTDCIApril
>>>Thanks to the poor service of my local ford garage<<

I say im now "Anti Ford" because the car has let me down from the first week of having it....Wrong fuel filter fitted faulty software...flat spots.. Electric window problems... need i go on???

Ford Customer service have been involved several times regarding failure of this car.

Dont get me wrong..when the car is running..its fine...great engine, but its still seems to be that Ford are playing at it !!

(Look at TDCI starting problems)

Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - busker
Hello Mutley & other thread contributors,
I've been lucky enough to have a Mondeo TDci Ghia & VW 130pd Passat back to back during the last few months. Did not get any of the problems listed here with the Mondeo ( did around 5,000 miles in it in 6 weeks )and thought it was a fantastic car to drive. Loads of mid range power and it simply ate up the miles. Fuel consumption in the mid 40's, which, after a Volvo V5 2.4 auto estate which resolutley refused to break the 32 mpg barrier, seemed good to me.
The Passat is in SE trim and only had 565 on the clock, so still a bit 'stiff'when I got the use of it. At first, I didn't like it as much as the Mondeo, but having just done my first reasonably long trip in it, it is growing on me - fast. I think I'm going to order an auto with cruise, sunroof, metallic paint & the 'winter' pack. OTR(list)for this little lot is £20,120 vs £21,000 for a similarly spec'd Mondeo. Passat residuals seem slightly better too, although at 35 - 40,000 business miles annually its not a great concern. Local (Vantage) VW dealer seems to employ staff who are knowledgeable.
So, there's a possible alternative.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - swaneagle
Has your missfire still gone? I am going to phone my garage tomorrow to get one fitted.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - cypryman
Had my nice mondeo tdci zetec 130 estate delivered 9 weeks ago, done approx 10,000 miles in that time. flat spot at the usual 1800-2000rpm, doesnt want to go into 5th gear below 60mph and the boot doesnt shut properly. ford have had the car once and said we will fix the flat spot with a ecu calibration upgrade- weeks past then i decided to phone them THEY SAID THEY HAD FORGOT. Now they say the ecu upgrade wont go onto my car, now its booked in for september for a week???????????? the dealer said the big men from ford will be involved. i will keep everybody informed of the outcome.

Not a happy dagenham dustbin owner.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - FocusTDCIApril
Hi All,

Not been on for a while, (Im trying to get the miles in so I dont have to keep the car so long!)

Its recently been in for its service (63400) on the clock now.

A new Ford garage opened up near me so i thought I\'d take it there for a change, since its been in all the others.

A member of staff there was very helpful and said that I could book it in any day that week as they were quite, so I said Friday, this was on the Monday. It needed a service, an oil leak to been looked at and also water coming in the passenger side and the usual intermittant Glow Plug light flashing, which I have lived with since day one.

Anyhow Friday arrived and the car went in 9am and I went back to collect it at 5pm.

To say they were quite and its not a major service they still managed to screw it up, by not doing the work which they were asked to do.

The excuse i was given was they had ran out of time to do anything with it apart from change the oil and stick a set of brake pads on the back. ( For ChRIst Sake how long do they need a car for ????????)

(They just wanted the easy money for the service I think)

Its now booked in for the 5th, cant wait to see what goes wrong then!!

In between this cock up the fuel gauge on the instrument panel has stopped working, but the computer still works ok and says you\'ve got miles and miles to go. ARHHHHHH

Still got the usual problems as well

*Flat spots
*Flashing Glow Plug light
*Water coming in the passenger foot well
*Global closing leaving one window open
*Oil Leak
*Poor performance since last upgrade
*Rough tick over
*Fault code 9138 keeps showing its head (Bat below 10V)
*A Loud metalic noise at start up

My parents wont even go out in it now, unfortunatly I dont have a choice at the moment !!

Hope you guys out there dont have all the problems I\'m having..the only consolation I have is its a Company Car!!!


Wave if you see a Silver Focus Estate Ghia , its me, usually waiting for the RAC.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - googolplex
Hi Dave,
Sorry to hear about the continuing nightmare with your car but, as you say, its a company car so eventually will be replaced.

Please take this in the spirit it is intended:

May I suggest you put your comments on a new thread which doesn't mention Mondeo? We Mondeo owners get enough bad press as it is without being associated with Focus woes too!!!

Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - MJA
I have a 10 month old Mondeo Graphite TDCi estate. This has in the last couple of weeks developed the intermittent starting problem combined with cut-off's whilst travelling (including a 70mph cut-off and loss of power steering).

I believe that the flashing glow plug light on the TDCi indicates a problem relating to the immobilisation system, specifically that the transponder signal is not detected i.e. the ECU doesn't pick up the correct code from the key to re-mobilize the engine.

I've tried the spare key for a few days which seems to have sorted the issue so I'm putting it down to a problem with the main key.

It' going in to my main dealer at the end of the week so it will be interestingto see what their diagnosis is!!!!
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - Aprilia
Don't think the immobiliser will cause the cutting out at speed problem....
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - CG
Strewth!! The Mondeo TDCi was (was!) at the top of my list as a replacement for my 406 HDi, but after reading this lot I would be buying one of these in fear and trepidation. Particularly worrying is Ford's attitude, which seems to say to me 'you are on your own'. Disappointing really, especially when HJ has indicated in the past that the Mondeo is pretty good, and that Ford's quality has improved greatly since the Escort days.

Ah well, the search continues.........

Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - Bill Payer
Strewth!! The Mondeo TDCi was (was!) at the top of
my list as a replacement for my 406 HDi, but after
reading this lot I would be buying one of these in
fear and trepidation. Particularly worrying is Ford's attitude, which seems
to say to me 'you are on your own'.

I feel the same - I've a lot of problems with my 406 but I'm not sure if the it's the car or the dealer that's crap. The car's been at the dealer for 2 wks for the latest investigation into its engine mis-fire (which it's had for 6 mths). Peugeot couldn't give a toss. I've burnt my bridges with them.
Today the dealer sent me an MOT reminder - but the car is 02 reg, so can only be max 2.5 yrs old. I know it's a small thing, but it doesn't inspire confidence.

I sent a similar thread to this one about the A4 (from the Top Gear web site) to Audi. They did reply and told me "Audi are determined to make the ownership experience a thoroughly pleasurable one". I've filed the email away in case I need it in the future!

BTW, I'm also considering at the Accord, but hate its looks.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - MJA
You're quite right.

Dealer has had the car and diagnostics have picked up the problem as being a faulty Crankshaft Positioning Sensor (CKP). Having looked at through the technical information bulletins this was identified in 2003 and the syptoms of the fault are loss of power and inability to start (along with flashing glowplug indicator).

Hope this helps.

Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - mutley
As I started this thread in May 2002 I had no idea this thread was on going!My starting problem I regret still persists from time to time but I gave up with the main agent and just live with the hassle from time to time.
However this problem pales into insignificance to the other problems my Mondeo has suffered since May 02 which include ECU failure,rear brakes catching fire,huge water leak in the boot, numerous rattles, headlamp level failure, crank shaft pulley changed twice, door lock failure etc etc and I could go on.... and on.It is a brillant car to drive but I think the build quality is just appalling for a modern car.I am currently doing battle with Ford Customer Care over a free srervice they offered in recompense for the fire but which needless to say has ended, so far, in farce.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - Ritz
Hi Guys, I have just read all the replies and I want a bit of help please.

I bought my Momdeo in Jan 2003 (2.0 TDCI Zetec 130BHP Model)

I have had the ignition problems within weeks of owning the car. The car has been back and forth to the local dealership over 20 times and each time they could not reproduce the fault. The dealership have leant me hire cars on serveral occasions whilst they tried to solve this issue with no luck at all. Two major engine management units have been replaced at a cost of over a thousand pounds and still the fault occurs. I have recorded the fault on my camcorder as proof of this and shown this to the customer service manager.

Basically, i contacted the customer relationship centre about this issue before christmas and between them and the garage a number of things were done to my car without success, so a manager within the customer relationship centre came back with the following offer:

As the car was over 12 months old, due to them trying to fix the fault, they could not "Commit" the vehicle for replacement, but they did offer me £2000 towards swapping it for a new one, which I was happy to do, however with one thing and another, this has dragged on for 3 months since the offer and now that I am ready to make the change and have managed to save enough money, I have been told that the offer was only for 30 days and the person who made the offer has now retired and therefore the offer is no longer valid.

This car has been excellent, apart from the faults with starting and now the electric hight adjusment not working and the wind noise, but i digress.

Anyone have any idea of what I should do to try and get the £2000 that they offered as I do not know what to do or who to contact. I have spoken to people at the dealership and they said that they cannot do anything. I spoke to the customer relationship centre who told me to call head office and ask for executive office as this is the department that made the offer and lets just say they were less than helpful and if this is customer service from Ford then I would hate to work there.

Over the years I have bought 10 cars from them and this is how I get treated as a loyal customer.

Please Help before i drive this car off a bridge (only joking as that would make life easier for Ford)

Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - cheddar
I have found Ford Customer Relationship Centre - 0845 8411111 -excellent. Perhaps it is not unreasonable for the offer to have a limited time frame, why did it "drag on" for three months?

With regard to the problem, it is late 02/early 03 TDCi's that are worst effected though generally reprogramming the system, a 20 min job by the dealer sorts it. Also if the glow plug light flashes when trying to start the car, turning off for 30 secs before restarting does the job.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - Ritz
Hi Cheddar, called the Customer Relationship Centre, they did all they could, then passed it on to higher levels of management who promised the money, now have taken back the offer. It has dragged on as I had to raise enough money to buy the new vehicle as they are only offering £8500 for mine and the new one would be in the region of £17000.

The car has had the ICU replaced, some other major engine management unit and every calibration that has come out without a fix.

I know how to overcome the problem, basically as you said, but why should we have to spend that sort of money on a car and expect to have faults like this. I once had the problem when I stalled the car and it did not start straight away and as I was in the middle of a junction, i was causing an obstruction, therefore the mechanical problem can cause serious problems to yourself and other drivers.

As Ford made the promise of compensating towards another car which i am happy to buy, i do not see why they should put a limit on the deal, from my point of view, if the dealership buys my car back, then they might offer me a few hundred pounds less, but I know they will still sell it for over £10000

Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - theredvanman
I believe I can advise you on how to reset the ems if you think that will be any help. If so I will post INFO here.
Mondeo TDCi Starting Problems - adnanrana
Easy to follow instructions to replace Camshaft Position Sensor can be found at:

Ask Honest John

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