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2000W How can I reset the central locking? - firerock
How do you reset the central locking on a Ford Mondeo W reg?

The keyfob remotes don't seem to work, when I press any of the three buttons (lock all doors/open all doors/open boot) none work.

The red LED light is permanently on, on the dashboard.
The alarm doesn't come on.
The rear doors have child locks and I cant get them open.
I can open the passenger and drivers door individually with the key, but the central locking does not work when I open and lock the doors.

Any help greatly appreciated, cant get our 2yr old in the car at present.

Edited by firerock on 14/12/2007 at 12:06

2000W How can I reset the central locking? - L'escargot
For what it might be worth, this is what Haynes says about the Focus system.

"The central locking/alarm system incorporates a self-test function, which can be activated by operating one of the door interior light switches six times within 8 seconds. During the check, the indicators will acknowledge the input, then the indicators should flash every time a door, bonnet or tailgate is opened. If there is an alarm fitted, then the horn will sound along with the indicators flashing."

It doesn't say how you get it out of self-test mode. The interior light switch is built into the door catch. The central locking/alarm module is behind the lower right A-pillar trim.

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 14/12/2007 at 12:50

2000W How can I reset the central locking? - Screwloose

Check fuses 24, 25, 67, 97 - your handbook will show the locations.
2000W How can I reset the central locking? - Marlot
2000W How can I reset the central locking? - jc2
On the Escort you get out of alarm self-test mode by turning ignition on/off but you get into self-test mode by operating the bonnet switch several times in succession till the alarm sounds,then all the other switches will give a single "chirp" if operating as they should.
2000W How can I reset the central locking? - firerock
Thanks for the input guys.

I found that fuse 25 had blown. (20 amp)

So I replaced it and the CL worked again, however the deadlocking and alarm didn't.
The N/S rear door didn't open and was still deadlocked.

After a short trip to Halfords to get some replacement fuses, the fuse blew again.

So I guessed the CL mechanism was shot or there was a fault in the wiring leading to the rear door. So booked it in to a garage on Monday (after the fuse had blown twice more over the weekend).

They found that the CL mechanism had a fault in it and ordered a replacement from Ford, who incidentally said "oh yes we have lots of those in stock" (probably as they are always going wrong) ;) It was replaced and the car seems to be working fine now.

It doesn't fill you with confidence either that when you type "Central locking problems" into Google, the first page that comes up is to do with Ford Mondeos! :)
2000W How can I reset the central locking? - DP
My mk2 has started its annual winter central locking weirdness again.

Whenever the overnight temperature drops below about 3°C, as it has recently, there is a delay of 5-20 seconds between unlocking the drivers door, and the central locking doing the business on the other doors. On warmer nights, it works fine, and rain/damp doesn't affect it either. It's purely ambient temperature related.

Sometimes you can also hear the locking do another "unlock" pulse a few minutes after driving away, although not always, and only ever the once if it happens.

I've lived with it for 2 years, and it's not a massive problem, but sometimes I am curious as to what causes it. I'm presuming it's some sort of dodgy wiring problem.

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