2002 TDi(110bhp) - Vibration/knocking - Pappasmurf

Asking on behalf of a mate.He has an 02 Passat TDI (110) with approx 70k on the clock.In the last couple of weeks he has noticed/felt a vibration at lower speeds/revs.Sitting at idle and revving produces a strong vibration in the engine and a 'knocking' sound.Although the car seems to be ok at higher speeds,he has became obessessed with the noise.Any ideas on what it could be? Timing belt was done at the correct interval


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2002 TDi(110bhp) - Vibration/knocking - Screwloose

A dual-mass flywheel on it's last legs would be one likely candidate.

Get it checked urgently - if one of those disintegrates the damage is widespread.
2002 TDi(110bhp) - Vibration/knocking - Pappasmurf
Thanks.That's what a mechanic had 'guessed' but this site has always been great for getting inputs into problems.The more opinions help to minimise the guesswork!!!

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