2007 2.9TD Auto - short test drive - Happy Blue!
My mother-in-law has just taken delivery of a new Kia Sedona. I've had a short drive in in it - its a 2.9 Tdiesel auto.

First impressions - well built, with better quality internal fittings and trim than the Trajet my wife has. Solid feeling body, with eveything working as it should and better than anticipated. Electric sliding doors are very convenient. Dashboard seems to be reasonably well laid out, although climate control buttons are too numerous, with the least used bottons as big s the ones that are used frequently.

Driving - wow - quick off the mark for anything, diesel, auto or both. Remarkably smooth and quiet inside although I think it s lot noisier outside. A shot drive revealed it to be reasonably adept over potholes and speed bumps - again better than the Trajet.

Value - well if you insist on buying brand new I think its pretty, good. She has the top of the range with electric drivers seat, leather, heated seats, cruise etc. The only disapointment is lack of radio controls on the wheel. Confortable seats as well. I just got in and drove. £22,000 OTR approx.

Compared to the alternatives (Citroen/Pug, Galaxy, Espace & Voyager, it is better value, has better warranty - that you are unlikely to need - and looks quite good as well - quite sharp and appers to be shorter than its predecessor. That makes refreshing change.

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New Kia Sedona - short test drive - moonshine {P}

We had a test of the exact same model about a week ago. Very impressed. Lots of the wifes friends have voyagers, she thinks the Kia is a better car (this is something coming from a brand snob).

I also was surprised at how well it drove, very comfy and smooth. Good aceleration, all the gadets you need. We liked the fact that all the seats were 'proper' seats and each one can be removed individually without needing any tools. Sliding doors were good, impress your mates when you open them with the remote.

Only thing I wasn't too sure about was the braking, but then I'm used to my Audi and supra which screeches to a halt with the lightest touch of the pedal. But then the sedona probably comes in at about 2 tonnes...

I think that Kias are starting to become a premium brand. Nice looking car as well I thought, makes a change to see a new car that looks good, especially with so many ugly cars around these days.
New Kia Sedona - short test drive - mark999
Could you update us with a rough fuel consumption figure in a few weeks time.

Thanks Mark
New Kia Sedona - short test drive - Happy Blue!
I'll do my best - MiL not very good on such matters.

The car had done 410 miles when I saw it of which 307 were on a new tank of fuel and I filled her up and the consumption for the 307 miles of motorway driving was 25mpg. Not great but its a big brand new car. I would expect 30mpg when it is run in.
New Kia Sedona - short test drive - Martin Devon
If it has cruise control drive it on the cruise on the big roads. Makes for great fuel consumption if my old Mercedes is anything to go by.

New Kia Sedona - short test drive - TurboD
A colleague has a 04 plate 2.9 for sale at £6995 ono ( this is more than an offerred trade in ) low miles but manual, so good value S/H?
New Kia Sedona - short test drive - moonshine {P}

I agree - it's the depreciation and high spec that I like about these cars. There seems to be loads of low mileage examples around going for very low prices. The top spec models seem to be in short supply though.

PS - I wouldn't buy a brand new one, looking for one a couple of years old.
New Kia Sedona - short test drive - Happy Blue!
Well the new Kia has blown its engine! MiL reported loss of heat in the car, so started driving it back to the supplying dealer about 30 miles away (why she didn't go to the nearest one about three miles away I don't know).

On the way there was a loud band and the engine stopped. Diagnosis - leaking water pump, caused engine to overheat and an injector blew. Replaced injector and water pump, but engine not happy, so they are fitting a brand new engine!!
New Kia Sedona - engine failure - Happy Blue!
Further to above story, we were told today that the failure of the water pump bolt is a common failure, causing the problems we have witnessed. I am very surprised. Does anyone know of this?
New Kia Sedona - engine failure - bignick2
I'd like to know that too - a friend has a Sedona 2.9td which has developed a water leak in that area.

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