RX300 or Honda CRV - mitchk

anyway I was about to arrange a test drive and hopefully sort a deal, when I noticed that I could also afford a Lexus RX300 SE-L on a 04 plate with all the toys ?

about the only thing I can find wrong with this car is the MPG but then I only do about 7K a year

what are your thoughts ??

many thanks

RX300 or Honda CRV - MichaelR
Very poor handling, lots of bodyroll, a pain to park, not very economical, basically rubbish unless you wish to go off road, when it isn't that useful, either. The car is a compromise.

Instead, buy a Lexus GS300. You will get an 05 plate at least for the same money, and it will be absolutely miles better.
RX300 or Honda CRV - mitchk
really ?? do you have experience of the Lexus ?

I don't like any of the other Lexus cars I just fancy a change and liked the RX300

I've checked on a few sites and the only issue I can find is the fuel economy, but then it is a 3 ltr V6

anybody give me any more opinions ?

RX300 or Honda CRV - Happy Blue!
Horses for courses.

The RX300 is a soft roader Toyota, jazzed up to make it like a Lexus. Well appointed, well built, but boring as hell and poor to drive. If you like one - buy one. We aren't all Stirling Moss, and if it suits you, why not.

We all buy our cars for different reasons. If I bought a car on pure logic, I would probably drive a Ford C-Max diesel automatic (or something high but no bigger). But I drive a Subaru Outback, so far less economical, more expensive to buy and service and with a poorer depreciation. Do I care? No. I wanted one, I could afford it, so I bought one. Do I regret it. No, not really. I wish it was a little smaller outside and more economical, but not so that i would change it now. And when its on the motorway, I love it to bits.

However, you were comparing a second hand Lexus with a brand new Honda. Different cars, different sizes. I would buy the Lexus, only becuase I would want to change it within two years and would not want the depreciation from a brand new car. If I was keeping the car for four years or more. I would buy the Honda.
RX300 or Honda CRV - BobbyG
Mitch, don't know if its the new CRV or the older CRV you are looking at but I think the key is in your own post - take a good test drive .

I recently wanted the old shape CRV, loved the look of it but when I drove it, it just felt so wallowy and barge like. The dashboard was awful and lacked things like variable wipe and the radio was like something out an 80s cavalier.

Now I know the new one is better and you get diferent specs etc. But what I am trying to say is that I desperately wanted a CRV, did loads of research etc, but within 10 mins of being behind the wheel I knew my love affair was over before it began!
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RX300 or Honda CRV - tyro
mitchk, regarding the RX300, I see that you have been looking at the website of the Lexus Owners Club, and getting some useful thoughts over there. I take it you've also looked at the What Car? site.

The RX300 does well on satisfaction surveys like Top Gear and JD Power. Very well. In fact, I fancy having a shot at one myself, but would never own one because
1) they are costly to run,
2) people would get the impression that I was loaded :-)
3) it would attract the wrong type of attention from the less law-abiding members of society
4) I live too far from the nearest Lexus dealer

In the end of the day, if those things are not problems for you, and a test drive shows that you like it, then there is no reason I can think of not to buy one.

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