holding r.p.m. in neutral - maltrap
my golf is a 1.6 sohc automatic engine type bfq the throttle is drive by wire [no cable] after its mot the tester told me couldn't hold the engine speed at 3000 r.p.m he even tried using a special tool on the accelerator pedal when i got the car back i tried to hold the engine speed to a fixed r.p.m i couldn't the car drives normally on the road and i can hold it at any speed i like any ideas?
holding r.p.m. in neutral - Screwloose

A well-known characteristic of that type of fly-by-wire. You can't hold them steady in the 2.5 - 3K rev band.

The tester should keep up to date; VOSA have a special dispensation on fast-idle test speeds on certain engine codes and he should have known that.

Testing at revs creeping up to and above 4000 is not unusual - it doesn't affect the emission readings.

Tell your tester to ring VOSA and don't pay for a retest.
holding r.p.m. in neutral - maltrap
thanks screwloose, he passed the car anyway but i'll pass on your information
holding r.p.m. in neutral - octa
Just for the record I recently had a fail on a Seat Leon 1.4 (vw engine) for same problem.Brought it to main SEAT dealer who re-set throttle settings.According to Dealer settings were maladjusted by my cleaning of throttle with Carb.Cleaner! NCT equivalent of MOT test.
holding r.p.m. in neutral - Screwloose

Cleaning the throttle plate will need the basic settings to be re-set afterwards.

That is a different problem to the "creeping revs" issue; that's a design characteristic - even re-setting all the fly-by-wire settings has no effect. [Been there - tried that.]

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