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Hi, we'd be grateful for any guidance on replacing a xenon dip beam bulb in a 2000W Primera 1.8S (P11-144). I've never come across a xenon-type bulb before.

The manual supplied with the car recommends a main dealer (don't they all?), but we wondered if it was a job that could be undertaken at home and what type (and cost) the replacement bulb would be. The spec is not given in the manual.

Many thanks, Waino.

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replacement of headlamp bulb... - Aretas
I guess your first problem is deciding whether it is the bulb that is faulty or the electronic starter unit. As explained in a different thread, my problem was simply a broken access cover that allowed in moisture.
replacement of headlamp bulb... - grogee
I just did mine (2001 Primera 1.8 Activ) and it was a piece of cake - lots of room to get the clip away and it's easy to ensure you don't touch the bulb glass.

Incidentally not sure what type of headlamps the 'S' model has, mine has 'projector style' lamps whatever they are.
replacement of headlamp bulb... - Collos25
Be very carefull in extreme circumstances you could kill yourself I believe they are the same units that are in Renaults for which I paid 140euros to have one changed.I actually watched them do it they used a discharge unit before they worked on it to replace the bulb had it have been the unit it was over 1k euros or so I was told.
replacement of headlamp bulb... - McP
You should have standard 2 pin halogen bulbs.

The Xenon headlights are only fitted to the Sport+ and SE+ as far as I am aware.
replacement of headlamp bulb... - Screwloose

It's very rare to have a gas-discharge bulb fail. The ballast unit that produces the 10,000 volts to fire them is the more common failure.

If they're not available separately, it's necessary to replace the whole light unit - often getting on for £1000.

To test if it's the bulb or the driver; swap them side to side.
replacement of headlamp bulb... - Waino
Apologies, chaps, I should have come back on this original question.

Because the lamp arrangement looked different from the exterior and because he'd read about the fact that some Primeras were fitted with xenon units, my son had wrongly assumed that his car had xenons. This caused a degree of panic in the light of restricted funds to finance the impending repair. I have to confess that I hadn't examined the car myself as it lives some 90 miles away. I had checked out some prices and noted the replies which suggested that the units were of some complexity and the fact that it didn't light up could be the result of a number of possible problems.

Unbeknown to me, the car was taken to a dealer - and it turned out to be a straightforward halogen bulb replacement - it wasn't xenons at all! From his report, it sounded as though the bulb was a lot easier to replace than on either our Mondeo or Focus and I could have done it for him. I called him lots of names (including pink fluffy dice) but he will know better next time. He will learn (I hope) :-)
replacement of headlamp bulb... - jase1
Wish I'd seen this earlier.

Yes, the "s" is a straightforward job. I did one myself when I got my 2000 car.

As for £140 Renault units, hah! No Renault rubbish on my car, ta very much ;)

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