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99 2.0 hdi limp mode on long runs. - peterhdi
i have a Citroen Xantia Feb 1999 hdi....great car but it go's into limp mode on a run.....around town it is fine...but on a run it go's to 2000 revs after about a hours drive and that's it ... ...also the light on the dash comes on with a picture of an engine....if i stop and turn it off and restart its ok again. any ideas
99 2.0 hdi limp mode on long runs. - Screwloose

You car's engine management is detecting a problem and dropping into that "limp-home" mode to protect the engine.

The only way to know what it's seen, is to get the recorded fault-codes read by a suitably-equipped local garage. There are nearly 2000 possible fault-codes, so guessing won't help much.

Come back with the codes and then we'll have a better idea what ails it.
99 2.0 hdi limp mode on long runs. - XantKing
I had similar problem with my 99 HDi Xantia, the 110bhp variant.

In short, it's still not right a year later.

Engine would go into limp home mode anytime I revved it above 3,000rpm.

Diagnostics registered a turbo vacuum fault. Garage had it for a month, replaced the EGR valve, the turbo actuator, and the intercooler.

Since getting it back, I've only had it happen around three times, but that's maybe cos I tend to avoid the upper rev range these days!

I've long since resigned myself to the fact it's just one of these things that I can throw a fortune at and never get to the bottom of, the work so far cost me £1,500 and it just isn't worth spending any more on a car worth about 700 quid!

Car still drives, but doesn't have anything like the grunt it used to. I'll just adjust my driving style to avoid overrevving too much and drive it till it dies!

I hope your problem proves easier to solve! There's a similar thread in here about the HDi in a Peugeot 306 at the moment too.

Keep us informed, if it gets solved, I might just have another crack at mine!
99 2.0 hdi limp mode on long runs. - peterhdi
it is the 110hp.....every thing i have read on the internet about this problem sounds like i have to take it to a garage and let them charge me for guessing as most poeple dont seem to get the fault fixed. i have good mechanical knowage and have serviced the car.....another problem i have is i am in spain with the car and dont intend to return soon ,so may have a problem explaning the fault due to my lack of spannish......p
99 2.0 hdi limp mode on long runs. - Screwloose

All that needed at this stage are the fault-codes.

HDi's are beyond the competence of 98% of garages to fix; so "poke-and-hope" is very common and rarely successful.

A significant proportion of all common-rail faults now don't get fixed. Half are sold on; a quarter are left alone and a quarter are broken for parts.
99 2.0 hdi limp mode on long runs. - Bromptonaut

Getting similar issues with my 2000 Xant Hdi 110 @ 95k miles. Fault codes are P0243 & P0246 both apparently associated with turbo wastegate solenoid. Local French car specialist (Tony Brooks Northampton - no reason to shame but mods discretion if they dont want firm named) have been very good. Explained codes and clearly suspected problems wih turbo pipework rather than component being fingered by the ECU.

Car in for second visit yesterday (first time they tested wastegate and all pipework junctions, cleared codes and asked me to monitor) when they found and replaced a split pipe. Now running normally; got one illumination of the K light while testing on the M1 yesterday but without any limp and without the light staying on beyond next restart.

Due in again at month end for MoT etc when I'll ask them to check again.
99 2.0 hdi limp mode on long runs. - Bromptonaut

Ran OK from Sept until last week on a diet of station runs plus a trip to Leicester. Last Friday's Silverlink driver strike sent me to Wellingborough and got another K light illumination during a firmly booted overtake on the A45.

Diagnosis this time was "Manifold absolute pressure sensor incoherent - sensor or ECU fault". Sensor replaced at cost of £140 fitted. I've really tried to provoke another K trigger without success so hopefully now sorted. Garage suggest that if it does occur again the ECU is suspect and will need to be removed for testing.

Frankly, given that car is retired as family transport and functions as station hack/backup I'd be inclined to ignore any warning that did not invoke limp mode.
99 2.0 hdi limp mode on long runs. - Screwloose

That code sounds much more like it than the previous two. [Supercharger by-pass valve???]

A failing MAP sensor would trip limp-home if it, falsely, detected overboost.

As it got worse, the ECU detected an incoherence with it's built-in barometric sensor and finally flagged a useful code.
99 2.0 hdi limp mode on long runs. - nick74
Is the MAP sensor the one that's on the top edge of the intercooler on these? Just curious as I have a Xsara with this engine and although mine is ok at the moment it would be useful to know for future reference.
99 2.0 hdi limp mode on long runs. - Screwloose

Generally, yes. Only the RHZ has one and knowing Citroen, they won't have left it there for long before hiding it somewhere else...
99 2.0 hdi limp mode on long runs. - nick74
Thanks screwloose. Yep mine's the RHZ and has the sensor on the intercooler. This same problem came up on the CXOC forum a while back, at the time I tried to find the location of the MAP sensor on the Autodata CD which very helpfully showed it as being somewhere miles away from where it really is . . .
99 2.0 hdi limp mode on long runs. - JoeyInFR

Hi i feel your pain as I'm in South France with the very same problem on my 2000 hdi 90cv. I have a citroen specialist but he seemed bemused when i explained the symptoms(not due to the language problem this time). I'm wondering if "turbo cleaning" fuel additives are worth a try along with replacing the ECU sensor as and when i can afford it ? Also can excessive engine carbonisation cause a fault i wonder? Any ideas or opinions much appreciated !

99 2.0 hdi limp mode on long runs. - Peter.N.

You really need to take it to a diesel specialist rather than a garage as they usually know what they are doing so its likely cost less and cure the problem.

I appreciate that the language problem would make it difficult but I have a Dutch phrase book that gives a translation of mechanical terms, I know this won't help much but I would have thought there must be a french equivilent.

You can probably find a translation on Google.

99 2.0 hdi limp mode on long runs. - JoeyInFR

that's a good idea,i can go to a garage with a pre translated list of the things i think might be a cause and ask him to get error codes and what they imply. Then if i think i can get parts and even do the fixing(less likely)then great. I have made a guess already though because ; i an fluctuating in and out of limp mode with orange "k" light sometimes on while running normally/the engine sometimes "runs on" after turning off the ignition also....So , could what i have here be a faulty solanoid switch/sensor sending a warning to the ECU therefore hitting limp mode??? I might see what a solanoid sensor costs and how to fit. Does anyone know the proper name for the part when online searching?? Thanks Peter


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