Horn not working - CJ4194
I have a Vauxhall Corsa Life 1.2 53 reg and the horn does not work. Had the horn and electrics checked and it appears that the fault probably lies with the wiring to the horn from the press buttons on the steering wheel. Does anybody know how to gain access to the buttons so that the wiring can be checked at that end? It looks like the cover on the steering wheel has to be removed which is a worry due to the airbag and not wanting to set it off or damage it.
Horn not working - bell boy
i suggest you let a garage sort this as its more likely to be a worn brass contact twixt wheel and shaft a malady that affects the earlier corsa with regular monotony
Horn not working - CJ4194
Any idea of approx cost if I take it to garage and will it need to be vauxhall specialist?
Horn not working - Number_Cruncher
>>will it need to be vauxhall specialist?

Not at all - take advantage of the fact that lots of people know how to work on common cars like Fords and Vauxhalls.

As for cost, I suspect Bell Boy will know (very accurately, as he's a Yorkshireman!)


Horn not working - CJ4194
Thanks for the replies. Been told that the relay could be at fault. Any ideas where to locate it on the car?
Horn not working - Dynamic Dave
Any ideas where to locate it on the car?

Fuse box (under the bonnet) most likely.

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