How much? - stunorthants26
Im taking a 93 L reg Corsa SRi off a frind of my mums in part ex on my Fiat.

Its got 103k on the clock and has just been taxed, plus has 6 months MOT on it. Colour is black and condition is quite good ( will be better when ive valeted it within an inch of its life! ).

No idea what I can sell it for privately, any ideas? Plus is there a demand for these cars.
How much? - rtj70
Wouldn't the Seicento (being newer) be better as part ex? Would have though a 93 Corsa worth very little - which is what I hope you have thought. The Seicento cannot have been worth too much either - £1200?
How much? - rtj70
Edit my text as you read it. Saw Henry V at the Royal Exchange in Manchester (very good but mind the water as a spectator) and it was a bit long. And since home (1.5 hours!) I have been watching the new iPod release videos etc. Tired and have to be up in 5 hours for work. Hoped the Touch was more than 16Gb.... will annoy those in the USA who thought the iPhone for a cool iPod though :-) Inevitable. Night.
How much? - stunorthants26
The Corsa is a part ex on the Seicento - ie, she gives me her car and some cash in exchange for my Fiat.

As it stands, ive offered her £450 for hers pending a good look at the car as I think I could prob get that for it but wondering if I could get more, poss with new MOT.
How much? - bell boy
too old
insurance too high
take a sharp intake of breath as you look round it and deal at £300
you can sell your car any day of the week with the right advert and a sensible price
the same cant be said for a multipoint 1400 93 corsa with no power steering and a high insurance group
How much? - stunorthants26
What is a sensible price then? Shes giving me her car plus £1500, so that puts the Fiat at £1800 ish - a price that nobody called me on for two weeks - despite a good advert and immaculate 4 year old car.
How much? - bell boy
fair enough
just dont look to be overkeen to deal then
dont forget you have what she wants/needs not the other way round

good luck
How much? - stunorthants26
Well I told her £450 for her car and I think I can knock hers out for that - unless a car is a shed, most cars with a decent MOT and tax will go fairly easily for that money - some stupid teenager who cant insure a GSi will most likely want it.
Once ive had a look over it, I may ask a bit more for it - be cheeky and see if it pays off, never know as there are some at good money being advertised, £450 would be the bottom of whats being asked privately - someone is asking £850 for one although I think thats a bit steep - I think cleaned up, £650 is possible. Is it worth putting a years MOT on it at this price if its cheap to do so?
How much? - DP
If it's clean, stick a year's ticket on it and advertise it for £695 ovno. I bet you get £500-£550 for it.

It'll be bought by a 20-something girl looking for something affordable and "a bit sporty" and who will be able to insure it no probs if she has a couple of years NCB.

£500 is nothing for a tidy small car with a bit of zip about it.

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