rear light bulb replacment. - skiking
Hi - Trying to replace rear indicator bulb but I can't get the light cluster off to get to the bulb. I've removed the 2 screws that are holding it in place and the who unit moves about but I can't see what else is holding it in place. Any clues or is there a special technique to remove the cluster.


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Rear Lights - Screwloose

Some light clusters also have a snap-in mounting pin. Pull....?
Rear Lights - skiking
That did cross my mind but I thought I'd ask the question before I found out that is not the correct way, smashing the cluster in the process!
Rear Lights - bell boy
make sure youve looked everywhere before you pull it as the outside bit thats matt black will break easily if twisted
Rear Lights - olidude
there are only 2 screws that hold the rear light clusters in place. once you've removed them the cluster pulls out towards the inside of the car, they can be a little fiddly but give the cluster a wiggle and be gentle and they will pull out.

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