00 2.8d Monavo blue smoke soon after start up. - DanG
I appear to be experiencing what looks like blue exhaust smoke for a very short while after starting up the engine and when its cold. From what I've observed so far (for the very short time I've owned the vehicle) it seems to disappear after around a minute. The smoke is by no means excessive, but it is causing me a little worry. I have just brought the vehicle and treating it to a diet of good quality fuel and "redex" fuel system cleaner. Is there anything I can do. I've just had an oil change new filter done. Vehicle is a Vauhxall Movano van with a 2.8 TDI engine, done 138K.

I see you can get these "smoke reducing" liquids from Halfords and other motor places, that you put in with the engine oil. How do they work exactly and are they effective in reducing blue/black smoke in your experience?? They also claim to improve compression

Thanks, Dan

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00 2.8d Monavo blue smoke soon after start up. - jc2
Sounds like valve stem seals-oil trickles down the valve stems whilst engine is stationary-ignore.Redex will come out as smoke as well.As to "snake oils"-a fool and his money are soon parted.

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