Citroen XM - How Good? - rg
I read mixed things about the XM. On one side, far too complex and unreliable, and on the other, huge (especially estate)comfortable and economical, and not as bad as folks make out.

Anyone got any experience to share?

Citroen XM - How Good? - Union Jack
Sadly not directly about the XM, other than one was used as a hearse for my former mother-in-law\'s funeral - curiously enough with a GB plate, so did that mean a terrestrial rather than an extra-terrestrial destination!?

V impressed by DBRM\'s instant moderation - I was opening up to read about the AX only to discover it had grown into an XM!

Citroen XM - How Good? - Union Jack
Crikey! Even more impressive censorship if one can't type "vehicle used for carrying body" without it kicking in! I feel sorry for my old acquaintance Dick Hea***y - he wouldn't get far here, poor barsteward ....

Citroen XM - How Good? - JohnD
The nearest I've got to an XM is sitting it in and wishing, and making do with a Xantia. The early ones were plagued with electrical problems but later models seem to be better. But very complex - not, I would have thought, an ideal car for a nonDIY owner since it will be horrendously expensive to maintain.
Citroen XM - How Good? - terryb
I've had 2 XMs from new, one after the other of course - both 2.1 turbodiesel automatics and both absolutely bl00dy wonderful cars. I'm lucky enough to have an independent Citroen specialist garage within striking distance, so servicing and repairs were cheap. Repairs only needed twice: a loose fluid union on the suspension and a parking brake cable parting company with the pedal. Also used them for caravan towing - thousands of miles here and in France with no bother whatsoever. Comfortable magic-carpet ride, loved the US-style parking brake (yes, I did really!) - with the auto you could sit at lights left foot on parking brake (locking lever not depressed) so not blinding the poor s0d behind and still able to make a quick getaway.

Up to 40 mpg solo, dropping to mid-20s towing (at up to 80mph on French motorways). Front boots lasted 20-25k miles, never replaced rears. Rear spheres needed re-gassing once (I blame road humps and caravan towing).

Sadly, I was losing money on the second one faster than I was paying it off so I got shot - but it was an enormous wrench and I still miss them. Current Grand Cherokee is very comfortable for its ilk and an even better towcar but like the advert says - nothing moves you like a Citroen.

Any specific info you need?

Citroen XM - How Good? - A11DNL
I bought the first UK-registered XM24V from Citroen UK in 1991 and ran it until last year.

This version was a serious performance machine in its day and I was sorry in many ways when it had to make way for a newer car.

My electrical problems included an inoperative trip computer and seat heaters that didn't - but I opted to live without them rather than embark on costly repairs. (Newer ones are supposedly much better.)

The pedal parking brake seemed strange at first but soon became so instinctive that I still try to kick-set the parking brake on other cars.

For maintenance you need to find a Citroen specialist who understands the complexities of the car and is capable of maintaining it, but that shouldn't be difficult.

If you are thinking of buying a high-mileage XM make sure the suspension bushes are checked as well as the hydropneumatic bits because these need replacement fairly frequently.

I got around 24 mpg - which wasn't bad for a 3-litre performance car - but I'd probably go for the turbo-diesel if you do a big annual mileage.

Good luck!

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Are you there, O Hydraulic Fenmeister?

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Well yes but waiting for the call.

The previous posts sum them up. If you get a decent later TD with a service history (estates are popular) and allow the odd foible to offset the undoubted plus points....then you'll be a happy chap.

On the other hand get a wrong un......

David W [Moderator]
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Goodness, MM, had been under the false impression that you had given up the Mod job long before I even knew about this site!

Conspiracy theory now - everyone around me is suddenly turning into moderators.
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Well that post is from 9 May last year...
So Where is the Epilogue from David W?? - HF
Goodness, so it is, David!

Didn't notice that and feel *really* stupid now ;)

How on earth has a thread that old suddenly become current again?
Citroen XM - How Good? -
Go to www.iamreallyboring.still to see what ten people say about the car. They seem ok, but potentially expensive.
Citroen XM - How Good? - rg
Oh yes, I bought one in Nov 02.

A wonderful machine.

So far, so good.

Thanks for the advice, though.

Citroen XM - How Good? -
If you have luck, it is excellent. However, if like me you don\'t, just stick with a good car.

View what people say at, and go for a carina if you are like me.
Citroen XM - How Good? - rg, what was your car, and what happened?

Citroen XM - How Good? - Mark (RLBS)

I asked you not to keep mentioning the same website. and I asked you politely, now I\'m telling you.

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Not you Rob, sorry. I've edited my note and hopefully made it clearer now.

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