2002 1.6 Club - "Tumbler" problem - ToffeeCat
Hi Chaps,

Wonder if anyone can help. Just recently I've been having trouble turning the key in the ignition of my Astra and last night I spent nearly an hour unsuccessfully trying to turn it but it wouldn't budge. Luckily an off-duty AA guy was in the carpark and finally managed to get it turned before I had to get it towed but this morning it won't turn at all. He said there is a problem with the "tumbler" and that everything is loose inside the ignition. He also said this is a common problem on this car?

Can anyone advise what the likely cost is of getting this sorted and does it need to be done by a Vauxhall garage and is there anyting that will make it better in the meantime as I am now nervous about turning the engine off once it is going!!

Many thanks

2002 1.6 Club - "Tumbler" problem - bell boy
the problem is that you have an ignition key that does ignition (chipped) and also the door blip incorporated so unless you can have a barrel made up you will end up with 2 keys unless you have your locks changed as well.
the fitting of a new barrel is pretty straightforward
2002 1.6 Club - - Pugugly {P}
Sounds as if its collapsed internally - I would suggest a good locksmith before going to the expense of replacement. Fords were renowned for doing this once upon a time, their locks could be re-built to the original key.
2002 1.6 Club - - ToffeeCat
Thanks a lot guys - most helpful. I'll get on the case tomorrow!
2002 1.6 Club - "Tumbler" problem - Victorbox
It's a while since I needed a new ignition barrel but certainly your Vauxhall dealer used to be able to match a replacement barrel to the key number. Used to be on a plastic tab on the spare key but probably on your Pass Card in the handbook folder now with the radio code etc.

Also, & I'm not aware this has changed, if the key can be turned to position 1 then a small rod is inserted into a hole at the base of the ignition lock to release the barrel making changing over simple. Obviously if you've got to the stage where the barrel can't be turned then it will cost a whole lot more. Some sort of lock oil or even WD40 applied to the ignition key (not into the barrel) & worked in & out could help until you get it changed.
2002 1.6 Club - "Tumbler" problem - nigelr
Had this problem on a vectra sorted it by getting it turned to position 1 here you can put a piece of stiff wire in a small hole at the top of the barrell and pushing down will release the inner barrell. What I did was to lubricate the barrell with a light oil and smeared around the barrell and inside where it locates with a silicon grease. this rectified the barrell and have had no problem since 18 mths later hope this helps nige.......

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