02 Passat rear seat removal - How to? - audiA6tdi
How do i remove the rear seats on my 2002 passat saloon?
ive had a leak and need to removed the carpet to vac out and try and determine where the leak is coming from.
both the rear footwells are wet and also when i put my hand down the back seat i can feel it damp.

is there a guide on the internet for removing seats anyone can recommend?



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02 Passat rear seat removal - How to? - AR-CoolC
I haven't removed Passat seats, but I would imagine it will be something like this.

Lift out the base, pull up att he front edge to release from some clips and lift out of the car.

This will expose some bolts at the bottom of the back section, undo these and lift the seat back up off some hook type retainers.

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