New model Seat Leon spares - Steve33
SWMBO has a new model Leon which some passing swine has broken the rear light on.

Does anyone know where you can get Mk2 Leon parts from that isn't a main dealer?

It needs a new near side inner rear light (the one in the boot lid)

I tried my local GSF but they weren't able to help.
New model Seat Leon spares - Hamsafar
If don't have them, then it's probably a delaer-only part.
New model Seat Leon spares - AR-CoolC
I'm almost certain it will have to be a dealer for this part.

I have a New shape Leon also, and need a new fog lamp, dealer price is 70 odd quid, and can't find it anywhere else :(
New model Seat Leon spares - Steve33
Dealer it is then. I have also drawn a blank looking elsewhere.

Unfortunately Carlamp only covers the original Leon.

Funnily enough I have also been quoted 70 odd quid for the rear light by a Seat dealer.
New model Seat Leon spares - AR-CoolC
Actually I now remember there being a thread on Seat a while ago about tail lamps for the Leon 1P. They are made by Hella and there was a link to the Hella catalogue for the part numbers.

It might be worth while asking at a local Hella dealer if you have one.
New model Seat Leon spares - Steve33
Thanks for that info. You're right, a quick search of the Hella website brings up what I'm looking for.

I have just rang my local Hella stockist but unfortunately the inner light section is made under licence by Seat and so is dealer only.

Perhaps the passing vandal was a Seat dealer! :)

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