Fusion or 206 - midlifecrisis
In the never ending search for a replacement car for the missus, I think we've narrowed it down to either a 54reg Peugeot 206 1.1s, 15000m, £3995 or a 52reg Ford Fusion 2 1.6, 20000m £3995. Both are from a trader and appear in good nick. Wife prefers the fusion and it is the practical ,but I'm a little put off by what appears to be a 'common' problem with Fiesta/Fusion steering rack leaks. (Since the problem with ours, it would appear that leaking racks are quite common)

So which model is the best value and am I being paranoid about the steering racks.
Fusion or 206 - Ford Dagenham

Wife has had 10 fiesta's in total and a fusion, We find them particularly thirsty but reliability is good in our opinion.

The Fusion in my opinion is a fiesta on stilts.

(iam not a mechanic)
Martin Winters
Fusion or 206 - daveyjp
If you search hard enough there are common problems with 206s too. A colleague's has had three water pump pulleys all changed under warranty and recognised as a problem. Some cars suffer the problem others don't.

My dad's had at least 10 Fiestas (driving school cars), mums had three, I've had three and my sister is on her second. None have had any major problems and no steering racks have ever been replaced.

Drive them both and see what you like. I never got on with a 206 hire car due to a wierd seat/pedal set up to accommodate RHD.

Fusion or 206 - injection doc
Don't be put off by the rack issue, the ford is better quality build than the peugeot. My wifes 206 spent more time at peugeot than on the road whilst under warranty, always electrical faults Major ones. We had a fusion petrol & very thirsty so went for 1.4tdci 50+ mpg local. The peugeot body panels were very flimsy & every time it came out of a car park it appeared to have yet another dent in the door panels
Fusion or 206 - Mad Maxy
Fusion = shed. My guess is it's more reliable than a 206, though.

Can't you come up with better options? Skoda Fabia? Seat Ibiza? Nissan Micra? Or...
Fusion or 206 - midlifecrisis
Grrrrr...she's now seen a Kia Picanto and decided she likes it. Totally misses the point that we're looking for a larger car. I fancy an old shape Leon or similar, but I'm trying to get as new as possible on a limited budget.

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