polo central locking fault. 1999-2001 - grangiev6
Hi all, heres one for you...... Have a problem with the central locking on my polo. Sometimes it will work then it stops for a few days, then works again. Locks sound like they are struggling(whining noise) when the electric's are working. Any ideas and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Grangiev6
polo central locking fault. 1999-2001 - Saltrampen
Had a similar problem on my Corolla - It can be due to several things

Corrosion in the solonoid connected to the Drivers door lock (is it remote locking or door activated?)
The link mechanism to the Key barrel in the drivers door is bent or the Barrel does not make a large enough rotation.
Low battery (then it would be worse after short journeys on cold days)
Immobiliser/security system faults

to name just a few....

Does the stop/starting relate to damp days?
If remote it maybe weak key fob batteries (which can spring to life in warm pockets and die on cold tables)

The big question is whether it is remote or door key operated, as that will determine where to start looking.
In either case someone needs to inspect the mechanism for loose connections, corrosion etc.

It often means removing door panels, door membranes and trim and taking a door apart.

Sometimes spraying loads of WD40 or water repelling spray into the lock mechanism (side of the doors not keyhole) can help. If that fails and it it isn't weak batteries, then you'll need a workshop manual to guide you through taking trim off without damage (unless you've done it before) or it is a garage job ( maybe 2 - 3 hours labour? plus parts) depends a little on model of car and how accessible the mechanism is.


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