In an estate over high fuel costs - Jasmine
I have an Audi 80 2.6E V6 estate, 93 L with 80k on the clock. Should I keep it and continue paying high prices for petrol and possibly have to buy a pair of new catalytic converters. Convert it to LPG. Sell it and buy a slower diesel 80. Buy an A4 TDi 110 bhp with 100k on the clock for about £10k. or get a nearly new Vectra diesel from a car supermarket? Can I remove the catalytic converts and will I get more mpg?
RE: In an estate over high fuel costs - honest john
You can't remove the cats. You'd need to clock up a lot of miles for a £900 - £1,500 LPG conversion to pay for itself before the tax on LPG goes up. A4 TDI 110's with 100k are too expensive at £10k and probably won't last.

RE: In an estate over high fuel costs - Tim
I agree about the Audi price, I know it's a few months on and I'm comparing with a saloon but my A4 cost me £5,500 with 104,000 on the clock in May and it's virtually immaculate for a high miler.

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