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Alhambra Aircon - stephensmith
The aircon on my 2000 alhambra has a fault that is causing it to dump the gas. It has just been regassed.
At idle when the aircon is turned on the compressor clutch engages then drops out. If you hold the revs up the clutch engages, chuffs some gas from the back of the compressor, then the clutch drops out.
My thoughts is that the compressor is ok as it is pumping the gas out, is there a common blockage area, dont know what mods the car has had done but it was a fleet car for the first 4 years before I got it. any help please.
Alhambra Aircon - Dave N
Sounds like it's got too much gas in it and is hitting the high pressure cutout and blowing out the release valve.

Who did the recharge?

How much did they put in it? There are 2 qty's for these as some have rear air as well. If you put the rear air qty in one with front only then problems arise.


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