clio 15 dci - derrick013
i have a 15 dci clio where the injector is puffing out air and oily substance around it ,
its the injector nearest the cambelt i had it taken out and cleaned and the air noise stopped for a couple of days but its back in it again i have looked at a haynes manual and it has said when you remove an injector to replace the flame sheild washer that is located at the bottom of injector and it also says to replace the sealing shim between the head and injector but it doesn't show in manual how this is done,
I'm looking for a bit of info how to replace this sealing shim as i think this will sort problem does this involve taking head off or what has anyone out there had this done or had similiar problem
thank any help most welcome
clio 15 dci - Screwloose

AFAIR the washer is down at the bottom of the hole and the shim is between the injector and the head face. Once you've got them from the dealers all should become clear. Don't forget a new fuel pipe too.

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