citroen zx diesel - difficult to start - mpt63
hi i have a citroen zx diesel m reg with only 70,000 miles on the clock but it is now taking a min to start when cold any one have any ideas ?????????
citroen zx - LeePower

When where they last changed?

Stick Beru ones in if your gonna replace them.

Also 70K miles is right near the limit for a timing belt, when was that last changed?
citroen zx - mpt63
was thinking of glow plugs the belt was done at 60,000 i brought the car 6 months ago 1 lady owner all the bills and services came with it .how hard is it to change the glowplugs ???????
citroen zx - markengland
The state of your battery will also be a contributing factor. I have a 1996 diesel Fiesta which takes ages to turn over at the moment. I chaged the glow plugs a year ago (wish I'd used Beru and not cheap ones I bought off ebay though). On checking my battery yesterday, I discovered each cell was bone dry. Topped them all up with distilled water, put the battery on trickle charge all night and it fired up much quicker this morning, even with the snow we've had during the night here in Essex. Worth checking anyway.
citroen zx - RichardW
"how hard is it to change the glowplugs ???????"

Depends on whether it's a turbo or not - the 1.9D is much easier. However, I had big troubles with my Sister's 1.9D over christmas.... see here for the tale of woe fortunately the repair is holding up so far.

Here's a post about changing the plugs on a Xantia TD The ZX TD is much the same, but you need to remove the intercooler not the turbo piping, and you may find it necessary to remove the fuel feed to the injection pump. The most important thing to watch out for is the coolant pipe coming out of the head above No 4 plug - it's very easy to break!

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....


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