omega diesel engine to bmw 525 td - dbastille
Hi to all, we swapped an omega 2.5 diesel engine [95-7] to a bmw 525 td 1995. After the swap, car wouldnt start with the light 'fuel inection system fault' came up continously. We had a chat with afew people and the y said put the bmw pump in place of the omega's unit as it was working before. We need to find out if any one out there has done this conversion and what went wrong and how they got round this.........many thanks...dave

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omega diesel engine to bmw 525 td - Sprice
Same engines, but the Vauxhall version was a detuned BMW unit, so look to ECU/fuelling?
omega diesel engine to bmw 525 td - Hamsafar
Can you scan for a fault code?
The M51 engine is the same in the Omega and the BMW, although there were 4 versions of it during it's life between 1993 and 2001, but as long as you got like for like, they are the same. The only differences were in the ancillaries, such as harness, ECU, piping etc... There were 3 types of injection pump over the years, two types of injector (including needle lift sensor)

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