is my focus cmax the 90hp or 110hp? - wayne1980
hi folks im a newbie to the site. recent problems with my cmax were answered by this site so thank you to the creator. so my question, is there a certain engine batch number that correspondes to the 90hp & 110 hp 1.6 tdci? any help would be greatly appreciated? happy new year!
is my focus cmax the 90hp or 110hp? - jc2
No batch number as such.Look for the engine code on the Vin plate and then ask your dealer.
is my focus cmax the 90hp or 110hp? - 232burn
just ring your local Ford dealer who can put your reg no. ino there system called etis and they then go into another called Oasis , from there you can retieve the vehicle details and also they can inform you of any outstang recalls which the garage will do F O C there has been a couple out in recent years one for rear brakes and a voltage set point that i am aware off ,its money to them so they will gladly help

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