Rover 214 Engine Stalling ? - clockerharvey
I am trying to diagnose the cause of an occasional engine stalling problem on my mother's 1993 Rover 214.

This problem has been reported as happening 2 or 3 times a week, usually after the car has been driven for a few miles.

The symptoms are that the engine will suddenly lose power without warning. It usually will not re-start straight away but after a wait of 2 minutes or so, the engine will start and continue operation without any further problems.

On two occasions, this week, I personally experienced the problem and noticed something that may be significant.

Each time the fault occurred, I turned the ignition off and back and tried to crank it and then re-tried every 30 seconds. I noticed that after 3 or 4 attempts, I did eventually hear a humming noise from the rear of the car which I presume was the [electric -in-tank] petrol pump and after this noise was heard, the car would start without problems.

This humming noise is not usually heard coming from the petrol pump after a normal key-on procedure, so there seems to be something different in the fuel system at these times.

I have noticed at the last time I filled the car with petrol, that there was a hissing sound as I removed the petrol cap. I am wondering whether there could be a blocked vent somewhere which is causing a partial vacuum to develop. If so, wheer would this be ??

I have rigged up an LED in line with the 12V supply to the pump so that I can eliminate any possible electrical fault in the ECU pump Relay or intertia switch.

Any advice welcome....


Rover 214 Engine Stalling ? - Civic8
When it happens,check to see if you get a spark from the coil,if not its probably the crank position sensor.

Its normal to get hissing from petrol cap on release as a vacuum does build up,its meant to.

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