My dealer doesn't seem to care - rangerider
How, oh how can i get my dealer to improve his service and staff's attitude to me.

If i shout i will get thrown out.

Even after complaining to the groups MD almost a year ago the dealer still does not seem to think i deserve either to be treated fairly or expect a reasonable amount of care. As consumers we have rights under the sale of goods acts but getting them enforced is all down to us.
It says above this box "no naming and shaming" - ok, that's the rules here but I wish someone had told me about my dealer before I bought my car - and as for the manufacturer caring, just don't expect that - get ready to be told that your complaints is with the dealer who sold the car, not the maker.
None of this is good enough.

Where can i go to post details of my experiences - i will follow up with another saga to the groups MD showing nothing has improved/changed but unless i can get this message out there he won't bother to do anything.



My dealer doesn't seem to care - Anglesey Ian
Sorry to hear about your problems Rangerider.

Within the 'no naming etc' policy, would you care to provide more details so that perhaps appropriate advice can be give

My dealer doesn't seem to care - Anglesey Ian
'given' .sorry

My dealer doesn't seem to care - stunorthants26
Having worked behind the scenes in a main dealer, I can tell you that there is often a button you can push to get what you want, but its not always obvious - let us know more of the details of the issues and the car and you will get much advice on the subject as many of us have worked one side or the other regarding car dealers.
My dealer doesn't seem to care - machika
My experience of dealers is that they will act with indifference if it means the customer is prepared to take that attitude. The most amazing reaction I ever got, was when taking my C5 to the local dealer to complain about uneven tyre wear on the rear wheels. It was caused by a known fault that Citroen had tried to ignore, in the hope, I expect, that most C5 owners wouldn't notice, or wouldn't bother complaining about. The initial response I got from the dealer was that Citroen wouldn't entertain a claim on the warranty, as the car had covered more than 20K miles. How this statement made any sense at all, in relation to a car with a 3 year/60K mile warranty, I don't know (the car was under 3 years old and had covered about 30K miles).

In the end, I decided to contact Citroen UK direct and they said they could only deal with the issue through the dealer, so I went back to the dealer for another go, which eventually led to the dealer submitting a warranty claim, which was approved
My dealer doesn't seem to care - stunorthants26
Ive found with Suzuki UK that if you approach them with a problem with your dealer, they will phone the dealer on your behalf while they are on the phone with you to find out whats going on - the best policy in the world for making the customer feel important.

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